Arm jerk

I am sorry for all the questions. I am trying to stop myself worrying that I have a tumour of some kind. Occasionally my whole left arm will jerk. If I happen to be holding a full cup of something at the time I end up spilling some. Does anyone else get that at all? It’s weird to say but I’d be relieved at an MS diagnosis given that i’m worried its a tumour.


Over the last few days, I’ve noticed your posts about your various symptoms and what comes through very clearly is how frightened you are about what’s causing your problems. In particular you are worried about cancer. Sometimes one diagnosis seems more frightening than another, so it makes you wish it’s X rather than Y.

Can I suggest that you think back as far as you can, write down the various symptoms, roughly when they started, and how long they’ve lasted (including whether anything has got better over time). A sort of symptom diary, or a time line. This will come in really handy when you see the neurologist as s/he will want to go over your history and the various symptoms you’ve had before doing a neurological examination.

You should keep in mind that MS is a disease with such varied symptoms that it could be said no two people with MS are the same. So someone who has exactly the same symptoms may or may not have MS.

In terms of your fear about what’s causing these horrible symptoms, basically, you’ve got a diamond of a GP, who’s listened to you, referred you urgently for an MRI and to a neurologist. That’s all anyone can do. We can discuss your symptoms with you, but regardless of similarities between what you are experiencing and one of us with confirmed MS, it will not signify anything about your own health problem.

I hate to say it, but in many ways, you need to try and stop worrying. There’s nothing to be done in the short term. What will be will be. Hopefully your appointments will come through very soon, and you can be asking the neurologist all of your questions.

Best of luck.


Thank you Sue, I am trying not to worry but it keeps popping in there, the feeling of dread :frowning: