Are we more susceptible to "nervy" things?

Hi all,

I was diagnosed PPMS in 2011 and have never really questioned my diagnosis.

However in 2017 (Christmas Eve!) I developed Bell’s Palsy which with time got better.

In August 2019 I developed horrendous double vision and couldn’t function safely without a patch. This improved and I haven’t used my patch since November.

Yesterday Bell’s Palsy returned. The most annoying thing is no sense of taste on the left hand side. Looks like all the chocolate I got for Christmas will have to wait to be eaten.

So, my question is are we more susceptible to nervy things or have these been relapses?

Just after people’s thoughts.



Hi Sarah

I remember reading about people getting bell’s palsy with ms but have no personal experience with it. The double vision I do get, especially when I’m tired. My optometrist says it’s because the signals between the eyes and brain aren’t in sync. Glasses with prisms are helpful. Seeing movement out of the corner of your eyes is also quite common.

I think we are prone to “nervy” things. I get a lot of nerve pain, but also suffer from severe discomfort when areas of my skin, usually my trunk becomes hyper sensitive. At times all I can wear is very soft thin loose clothing. It’s sometimes so bad I have to take morphine syrup as I feel as if my entire body he’s been scalded.

I hope you get relief from this pain. My Neuro believes that we do get relapses, with symptoms worsening and easing at times, though we never go into proper remission. Does this help?

Take care

Cath x