Are european citizen entitled to medicine in the UK

Hello. I wanted to ask you guys, if any of you have information about who’s entitled and who’s not to medication.

I’m Bulgarian citizen, but lived in England for three years. Then came back to Bulgaria, where I was diagnosed with MS. Doctors here prescribed me Extavia, which I’m taking for over a year now. But I’m planning to come back to live and work in England, and I’m not familiar with the law there. Will I be entitled to free Extavia, because I don’t want to stop the treatment. and I wont be able to come back every month to take it.

Can any of you lighten me how things work in England?

Think you need to be registered as a British citizen before you get any of the benefits available here.

I think you need to get some expert advice. And right now I can’t think of who from. The trouble is that if you’d stayed in the UK and had continued ‘worker’ status, you’d probably be OK for NHS treatment, but as you’ve returned to Bulgaria and been diagnosed there, it sounds like Drummer boy is correct.

Is there a law service or equivalent to the Citizens Advice Bureau? Somewhere you can get legal advice on UK rights with regard to NHS services for European citizens? Would you have a job to start in the UK straightaway? And how long has it been since you lived here (and paid Tax and National Insurance in the UK?) I suspect all of these are important questions for you to get a reliable answer to your question.


You don’t need to be a British Citizen AT ALL to receive treatment. You just have to be permanently settled in the UK/ have permanent residency status. Please check your facts before making such ridiculous claims.

Thank you for your answers. I know I don’t have to be British citizen, but most probably EmilyR is right - I’ll need permanent residency status. It’s been two years since I haven’t paid taxes and National insurance in UK, and I guess I’ll just have to come and check how things work there.

Pretty sure shouting ( caps locks) is frowned upon on forum pages, and I didn’t realise that I was being rridiculous. I am aware that the nhs will treat anyone who requires medical treatment even if they have not paid into our system, but they will make ways to claim the cost back and I’m afraid that is fact even though many end up not repaying it.

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You are totally right that my post was rude, I apologise, it was not OK. There is no excuse. This is a sensitive topic for me, but there is still no excuse.

Going back to the topic of discussion- your point about the claiming back etc. only applies to visitors and not people who might be permanently settled in the UK (living/working for 5 years). My point is, if you are permanently resident in the UK, you have the right to all treatment here and the UK won’t try to claim it back from your ‘home’ EU country. There are many people I know who are entitled to all medical treatments because they permanently reside here, but are not British citizens (myself included), but still enjoy the same rights, as far as treatment is concerned.

sorry again Drummer boy.

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Good luck with it! if you are permanently settled in the UK and have a job etc., you should be fine.

Information for those visiting or moving to England Good luck!

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