Are Erectile issues permanent or intermittent?

Personal issue here, so forgive my anon. When I asked my Neuro about my Erectile problems, he initially put it down to anxiety. So I went to a therapist & talked through all my problems. After a scan showed spinal lesions, he revised his opinion & said the ED was down to the lesions. That was 4 months ago, up until two weeks ago, everything in that department was going excellently. But in the last week or so, it’s let me down ;( My question is: can Ed with MS be intermittent? Or is it a permanent scenario? Also, do the likes of Viagra help? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Hi Anon,

This topic came up on the 21/06/14 “Male Problems” it is now on page 3 .

You might be able to get information from there, rather than me repeating peoples remarks.

Good for you mentioning the subject.

Alot of men will run a mile from even the slightest mention of their bits.

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Yes, can be intermittent . Yes, Viagra helps/works.

Agree with johnh, but you may want to consider Cialis, the effect does seem to last longer than Viagra.

ED can be fixed through tablets (Viagra) - injections (Caverjet) - get to see a urologist (MS nurse got my referal) and your gp…For us guys it can be one of the most difficult things to deal with, so don’t let it fester…it can be fixed…

It depends how long you’ve been married, iv had ed for years but now with being able to blame it on the ms, I can tell the wife I need Viagra. The cialis that I used to get of the net was good, but what the doctor gave me 10 not 20 was rubbish, just gave me a headache, just goes to show that the penis is not a muscle, if it was with ms it would be stiff all the time, speak to your doctor they do understand, iv got lots but only need about 4 a year. Lol

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