Apt with MS Specialist Dr

Hi all :slight_smile:

I have an appointment with the MS Specialist Consultant next week and i wondered what i should expect?

Previously i have just seen a general Neurology Consultant and and the MS Nurse. The last time i saw either was in May(!) and the Nurse took a few blood samples from me.

Not sure what’s going on. Can anyone tell me what’s next?!





It really depends on where you are with regard to symptoms / diagnosis / tests / etc.

If you’ve been diagnosed with MS, chances are it will be time to discuss disease modifying drugs (DMDs).

If you’ve not been diagnosed, but had some tests and/or been diagnosed with CIS, then it will probably be to discuss your symptoms over the last months and maybe to arrange more tests.

But, let us know what you’ve had happen so far, one of us might then be in a position to help you find out what is likely for next weeks appointment.


Hi Bimmy, It’s always a good idea to take your partner or a friend, because you may not be able to take it all in if you’re feeling tense or nervous and faced with a lot of jargon. Regards, Anthony