Hi everyone,

I haven’t been on for ages, mainly because i’ve been feeling alright, not great but not to bad… I also thought i’d wait till i’d been to my neuro appointment which I had last Thursday in Glasgow my Dr was really lovely, however didn’t tell me that this was all in my head!! I’ll let you all into a little secret I was hoping that I was going to go into my appointment and have my Dr enraged at me for “wasting nhs time” It didn’t happen What did in fact happen was I was examined, did some eye tests etc went through very thing that had been happening etc… Then i was told that she wanted to do a MRI of my head, neck and spine, a optic nerve test (I think thats what it was called) and I was asked how I felt about a lumber puncture… Now I know that this is the one difinitive test to confirm yeh or nay so I agreed… Now I am absolutely bricking it! I so wanted to be told to go home you silly women.

My appointment is to be in the next month or so. I guess this is good, because after been on here and reading some of the post’s folks have had a lot longer wait than i appear to be having… The Dr also said it wouldn’t do any harm in starting a course of vitimin D… I’ve still to do some reading on this, but has anyone else been offered the same advice? refined carbs to, to cut them out???

I hope everyone is as well as can be


Hi Andrea

Good to see you back .

I’m so pleased you seem to have a great Neuro. Although I can understand you wanting to be sent home having been told it was ‘nothing’, in reality, it’s so important to be taken seriously.

I remember my first Neuro appointment (a different one to whom I see now), and she was very thorough & told me that she would ‘leave no stone unturned’ to find out what was causing my symptoms. She also mentioned that sometimes it can take years for something to show in tests that makes sense of things. So I was warned - and she was right, I’m now in my 5th year of Limbo!

Your Neuro sounds really good, so look on it as a positive thing that she is doing her best to find out what is causing your probs - who knows, it may be something that can be easily treated! As you know 'though, there are lots of things that mimic MS, so it does take a long time to fit things into the correct place in the ‘puzzle’.

I saw my current Neuro (an MS specialist) last week, and he advised me to take vitamin D as my previous blood tests had shown very low levels. I’ve just started doing that. I think it’s common for low levels to be found. There are quite a lot of posts on this site about Vit D.

Not had the advice about cutting out refined carbs 'though - although I could do with that to deal with my weight gain, lol!

I do hope your test appointments come through soon Andrea - remember, it’s a positive thing to find out what your probs are & to help you.

Take care & let us know how things go.

Bren x

Thanks Bren,

I know exactly what your saying! I am VERY lucky to have the neuro I have she specialises in ms also…I know i’ve been fortunate in getting my appointment so soon, it came through a month after my doctor suspected ms… and at my appointment I was very confident that she would get to the bottom of it, it sounds like i’m going to every test possible, full bloods looking for limes disease is one that stuck in my mind for some reason, she did mention more… she was also very comforting towards me regarding my grandfather who also had ms, He was extremely bad…and the images and ideas of ms are determined by how he was, she tried to put my mind at ease by saying all the tests she was going to be doing would determine what was what and if i have ms then the medication is far superior to what he would have had…

it’s nice having confidence in your Dr…

Thanks for support xxxx

Hi Andrea x glad yo have had such a positive experience & you are on your way to some answers xxjenxxx

Hi Andrea, My neuro recommended vitamin world and to take 5,000iu per day to start with. I have no idea what this means but am following instructions! It was about £12:00 for 360 tablets, I don’t know if anyone knows anywhere cheaper but hope that helps! Chis

If your neuro recommended vit d will they then not prescribe it for you or ask your gp to prescribe. Or perhaps you can tell your gp what your neuro recommended and ask for a prescription? Hugs Min xx