Hi everyone!

I am not “officially” diagnosed with MS yet but several neurologists (and the ER docs) I have spoken to all believe I do, we just need to follow McDonald’s criteria. So, with that being said, I am not on any treatment currently.

I’m curious if anyone has lost their appetite due to MS?

I’ve lost about 15 lbs in the last month or two because I pretty much eat one meal a day, if that. I just don’t feel hungry at all! I’m about 50lbs overweight so I don’t mind losing weight but obviously not eating isn’t the best or healthiest way to do that.

I’ve seen people talk about losing their appetite once they are on treatment but I don’t see much about pre-treatment or if it’s an early sign of MS.

My only suggestion would be: if you aren’t eating very much, do make sure that you’re getting good value from every bite. By that I mean prioritise protein, fat, fresh vegetables et cetera - the stuff your body needs - and don’t waste a small appetite on nutrient-poor fillers like sugar and starchy carbs. When I am under stress I tend to lose my appetite, and this is something that I have had to learn to do. I’ve always been that way though – with me it’s not an MS thing in particular.

I could only wish that MS included weight loss! Since quitting work 2 years ago, I’ve gained way too much from not being active.

Alison100 has good advice – Eat as healthy as you can for those times when you are hungry. I only do one meal a day now, and as long as my son doesn’t show up with sweets I can maintain my current weight.

Have you been checked for diabetes? If the lack of appetite is a new symptom for you, it should probably be looked into by a doctor.

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