anyone wanna play a game?

Hi pals. Sad to see less people using the forum these days. I guess people are fed up with lockdown. But isnt that why we have these support groups?

Many of us are so used to staying home, that it`s not that much different.

But come on guys! Lets show this virus it cant quell our spirits!

Let`s have a game…


Tell us 3 things about you and 1 has to be a lie. Others can guess which is the lie. Be as daft as you like.

I`ll start…

  1. I`ve met the Queen

  2. I`ve pot holed in Gibraltar

  3. I abseiled down the side of Ripley Castle.

Go on…


Hi Poll,

1…I’ve swum the channel

2…I’ve been inside a pyramid

3…I’ve made a video,

Jean x x

I think your lie is no.1

Which of mine do you think is a lie?


  1. I went up Ben Nevis in a wheelchair

  2. I made a speech, on Russian Television, in Russian, when I was 16.

  3. I am friends with Billy Joel


Okay. 1. I’ve held the door open for the queen 2. My wife is sixteen years younger than me 3. I’m on my third book to be published next month

Is three wrong?

I once co wrote a Lent study book which was published

I used to be an Olympic athlete

I’ve completely rewired houses.

Bouds - you’ve never potholed in Portugal.

Greenhouse - never swum Channel

Hopeful - you’re not friemds with Billy Joel

Stressed - you’ve never held door for the queen.

Florence - you were never an Olympic Athlete

mine - 1) Worked in a Convent (Daughters of Charity.)

  1. Served Kate Middleton in a shop - didn’t recognise her!

  2. When working in a mental hospital I was mistaken for a patient and shown to ‘my room’ on my first day at work.

So Poll you don’t think that I swum the channel… well you’re right :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I think you’re no 3 is a lie ?

I’ve properly got that wrong, x x

hey…got some of you thinking…

my no 1. is a lie…not met the Queen, but my mum did! I have a photo to prove it.

crac…I never potholed in Portugal…it was Gibraltar!!!

crac…you didnt serve Kate Middleton in a shop

Florence…you never re-wired houses.

Puddyfat…your wife isnt 16 years younger than you

I`m enjoying this. Thanks for playing along.


I was once responsible for a multi million pound deal

i used to to be a stripper gram

i was once on the stage of the Dominion Theatre in the west end.

  1. I’ve lived in Poland

  2. I’ve lived in Romania

  3. I’ve lived in Australia

3 is the lie.

A is the lie.

Number 2 is a big fat porky!

sorry Bouds.

Jean you haven’t swam the channel!

Gary you’re not friends with Billy Joel!

Big stage, that one! saw Warhorse there. I don’t think you were a strippergram.

now that we`re all joining in, please can you add the name of the person you are answering?


Ok wee bit late but i will guess no. 3 is a lie, i believe you met the queen and you pot holed in gibratar.