Invictus Games

Hi All,

Just watched the “Invictus Games” on TV.

What can you say, but admire the courage and effort they have all put in.

If anything, it shows what we’re all capable of doing when you push yourself.

Lets hope we all try something new and attempt things when people keep telling you, "You can’t !! "


You’re spot on Andy,but when Prince Harry was saying his piece did my eyes decieve me in that the light board behind him said “Prince Henry of Wales”.Maybe one of his mates has won a bet.Hopefully the media will report him in a better light than the usual cobblers they spew out.

It’s going to make fine viewing,but I feel for the injured personnel who aren’t competing,are unable to get there, and those who are alone when the demons come.


ps The latest Guiness advert now makes a lot more sense