anyone use shift MS

Hi, Just wondering how many of us use/visit the fab ’ Shift MS’ site- its really user friendly, they seem to have it sussed with what works especially backgrounds & use of colour text size etc. great format… Why not give it a little look :smiley: take care all, 2loula

Hi, I’ve had a look at this site because I am disappointed with this new MS site but the problem for me with your suggested site is that it states it is for young adults and I’m fully grown!!! :cry:

Hi there, Im a grown up too (46) but young at heart… they dont discriminate (aren’t ageist) & the topics are mostly still relevant whatever your age. Take care, lou x

The new Shift MS website is a real dissappointment which is really sad and I have deleted my account this morning, a real shame, every thing is so much more confusing, the text is so small, nothing is simple anymore thats what I loved about the old site, I have just discovered this forum for help and advice

I took a look at Shift MS out of interest - having taught Human-Computer Interaction for a while.

While two separate “Anonymous” posts give totally differing views on the site design, I found that the site was down for rebuilding - so I have no opinion at all.


Hello anon, i’m sorry to hear you’ve left the new site. The site only went live this week and of course we have lots of issues to iron out and improvements to make. It would have been great to get your thoughts on how to improve the community rather than deciding to leave it. We are a tiny team so things take time - please bear with us!

DoctorGeoff - sorry, there was a bit of down time this week as the site moved home, however it should be all up and running now.

We’d love your feedback.


George, co-founder of

Hi George

Yup, up and running now. Only one adverse criticism - it looks just a touch fussy.

I think this is because you do not have enough space between the level od the “Sign Up” arrow, and the set of headings below.
The menu across the top is good - accessible for RH and LH users equally.

The detail headings seem to duplicate a lot of the main menu items - and this could confuse some users. It suggests that you do not quite have a clear idea of the direction you want the site to go in (OK, I know, it is a beta after all). The usual guide is that there should only be one way to get from the home page to a sub-section.

Don’t fiddle with the colours- it does look nice and clean and fresh.

Guess that I will be back.


I joined… but it confuses me… I cant seem to really do or find anything on there!

Had a look, really liked it

the different coloured headers help my eyes,

found my way around easily,

well done


I think the new site is brillant (as was the old one to be honest) - great work and a great resource!

Thanks very much for the feedback.

Geoff - I think the site might be loading up differently to me… what browser are you using? Sorry you find the homepage a little fussy - we’re certainly trying to make this page as clear as we can.

mrsp83 - it’s early days with new sections still to be added, but the main areas are currently the forum on ‘Speakeasy’, the social networking in ‘Community’ and the magazine content… i’ll chat to you on there!

barnabycrumble & Gerard - so glad you like it! we’re really excited about this new platform and how it will make it much easier to improve with new features.

Please keep your thoughts coming!


Hi George

I don’t think this is a browser issue, as such.
Some comments would apply regardless of which browser I use. Looks best on Firefox and Opera - totally cluttered on IExplorer, all on a PC set for 1920x1080 on a 22" wide-screen.
Overfills the screen on my iMac (Firefox, Opera and Safari) and this is set to 1024x768(stretched) which gives me the font size I want on several other programs. On this iMac, I would not bother to look at it again from choice.

Are you using absolute sizing or percentage sizing?

What have you tested it on (I may be able to replicate).


Hi Geoff - thanks for all the research! Increasing the font sizes throughout the site is top of our fix list - hopefully we’ll get it sorted this week. Not sure what sizing was used but will find out.

Thanks for your help, George

Hello George,

I’m not too sure why, but I’ve never felt totally at home on the Shift MS site. I now have a reason to look at the site more closely because you have published an article about my website (see page, so maybe I’ll get to know my way around it a bit better.

I’ve read the comments given above and I think the site it could benefit from a home page where you give the contents, a very short description of each page what it is trying to do plus a brief description about the entire website. As a newcomer to the site I find myself getting lost and wondering.what I’m supposed to be doing. OK, this could be becuse I am a 55+ year old ex computer techie who likes a bit of order to things… :frowning:

Anyway good luck :slight_smile: and I hope we manage to bump into each other at some stage.



Have joined the site but confess to finding it a bit confusing too…maybe it’s just me! Have had lots of friend requests… When trying to upload a profile it kept rejecting me as hadn’t entered a website? Also as hadn’t said who was affected by MS…had already ticked that it was me! Gave up in the end :frowning: Maybe that’s why it’s aimed at the young … Us 40 something’s just can’t work it!!