Anyone use a musmate for dropped foot?

Anyone use a musmate for dropped foot? I don’t think it’s for me, but I’d be interested in any experiences.

Following a fall at home my GP referred me for an OT visit. It took seventeen weeks to get it, and she was very nice and PROMISED a handle to help me out of bed, and that something would be done about the step from vestibule into the hallway of our home. Some four weeks later I learn that they can’t /won’t do anything about the step and I’m still waiting for the handle.

in addition she mentioned the musmate, but states I need physio approval. However as I pay for neuro physio which the NHS won’t give me, this makes me a private patient, so I can’t get a referral to the community physio and I would have to pay for the musmate.

Trying to help myself seems to mean I am penalised.

It seems that the OT visit was pretty much a waste of her time and mine, but from my experience to date that shouldn’t have surprised me.

Hi, oh dear…I can identify with you, as I have also tried to buy my own aids and made more problems for myself. I saw the musmate demonstrated and it looked like a marionette!

Why not drop paying for physio andget NHS treatment?


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I discussed that with my physio, she actually suggested it. It might get me the musmate, which I don’t want and my physio doesn’t think it would be of use to me anyway.

it won’t make any difference to the step situation, as that’s now a matter for Social Services not the NHS and they won’t fund it.

I’ve had dropped foot for years. The best thing that works for me is a SAFO and I have real difficulty in walking at all without it. I’ve tried the FES but it did nothing for me.

for me SAFO is simple but very effective. It takes 5 seconds to put on the morning. That’s me sorted for the day. No fiddly adjustments needed. Google SAFO and if you want to find out more, let me know.


Thanks Derek. I had FES for a couple of years, now I have a Foot Up which is a lot quicker and simpler.

I used the foot up for a couple of years but then it wasn’t enough to combat the foot drop. Then I moved on to the SAFO and it’s been absolutely great for me.