Anyone tried boosting their Iodine levels?

Just purchased 100ml of Oral Iodine from Ebay for £11.35.

Apparently it helps with most the things I’m having issues with.

The tests continue…


Hi Terry please do your research as too much iodine can upset your thyroid levels. Probably best to increase the necessary foods rather than take a supplement. Sue


I would normally totally agree with you Sue, but I’m testing things, on myself. After doing plenty of research. I am my own guinea pig. Iodine used to be used, very commonly, many years ago. It’s good for cuts & grazes.

A defficiency in Iodine, seems to show signs of MS related symptoms.

I can suppliment with foods & I do. Kelp, seafoods, Kale, eggs & so on.

We never know until we try. I’m having good results with other things I’m testing. Along with execising & drinking plenty of water.

I will do it right & be careful. 5 drops from a pepet, a few times a day in drinks & so on.

After reading up on Iodine. I figured, why not give it a go.


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The Iodine turned up already & after putting a few drops on cuts & grazes. It looks like I’m severely bruised. The colour it leaves is so vivid. After 3 months of usage. I will note if it’s making any difference. I’m going to treat it like a food ingredient & add to drinks & so on. We shall see. Terry

It’s an antiseptic, antibiotic, found in kelp. I’m quite hopeful of the results. The human body needs Iodine.

With all the CBD, jars of Honey, Lemon, Lime, Nuts & Omega oils. I’m covering all the bases.

It’s a Stew making day today.

If at first, we don’t succeed. Try & try again. Nothing ventured, is nothing gained!

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Iodine results, after one day usage. 5 drops into a pint of tap water, at 15% concentrate using Lugols formula. Had 5 pints of water so far & it looks like pee. Noticing less brain fog & feeling slightly more alert. My urine has become clearer. Probably due to so many toilet visits. There feels like an improvement already. Been doing way too much research on the benefits of Iodine. All it’s Cancer healing claims & cure for kids with ADHD. How the Japanese population has so much Iodine in their diets & the highest IQ’s on planet Earth. How breast milk in humans is so high in Iodine & it promotes healthy skin. Good for strong bones & a healthier reproductive system. Allowing athletes to sweat toxins out their bodies easier. We shall see & see better too, according to it’s claims. It was taken out of most additives to bread & milk in the 70’s, for some very strange reason. Lack of Iodine, lowers IQ apparently & it’s very important, to our immune systems. Improving cognitive ability.

The first drops of Iodine for the day, in a pint of water. After a good sleep & feeling chirpy. Spoke to a few folks yesterday & cleared the air about a few troubles. These things I’m trying, are to give others ideas on things to try. Use it or lose it. Personally, I’ve gone from being totally unable to stand & feeling like I live on a merry go round. Sleeping most the day & stressing about crap. To someone who is more confident, keeping very active & filling myself, with good stuff. Be it useful information, or experiences. There is no cure, but it feels good to go on a journey of discovery. It’s interesting too. Take care out there folks & keep it real. Terry

My new daily ritual of Iodine, CBD, Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic, Honey, Baking Soda, B12, B6, D3, Lemon, Lime, Omega 3, along with plenty of water, is working out. I’m using my Circulation Booster a lot more too. Eating a good meal & doing plenty of exercises. Early days, but I’m very excited & optimistic. My swollen ankles have calmed down & my veins seem far more pronounced. No worries about grazes when I fall either. This Iodine is my new favourite addition to my daily routine. Feeling a lot more upbeat too. Terry :slight_smile:

It’s been five days since operation Iodine commenced & I am feeling a lot better.

Not sure if it’s my upbeat attitude or the fact I’m taking B vitamins, kelp, D3, CBD oil, Honey, Garlic, Lemon, Lime & eating plenty of good food. Washing it all down with pints of water, with 5 drops of 15% Lugol’s Iodine. As well as doing plenty of exercises.

I walk around bare foot in the dirt & use the garden hose to wash, before an hour on the Circulation Booster.

All the best out there folks & I hope you’re all staying positive.


A week using Iodine so far. My nails & skin are looking healthier. Just had a hose down in the garden, taken my B supplements & on my first pint, with 5 drops. The weather is looking good again today, so I’ll go to the park.

Got a big bunch of red grapes for breakfast.

After the super sized steak dinner yesterday. I’m tempted to have it again, because I’m apparently losing weight.

Just had my Apple Cider Vinegar & Kelp. Don’t forget to mention the Honey.

All in all, it’s going good.

Take care out there folks.

Terry has left the building.

Hi Terry,

Sounds like you’re doing great, so it’s obviously working for you :slight_smile:

I’m slowly trying to make some changes with my diet - including adding new and more of certain foods, and trying to cut back on others but maybe not altogether :wink:

Slow steps but at least I’m trying.

Take Care Terry Tunes

Twinkle Toes xx

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hi its martin has anybody known someone who has been to india for stem cell treatment for PPMS, thank you

Hi Martin,

Welcome to the forum.

You might be better, and get more response to your question if you start a new thread yourself and ask the same question on it as you’ve asked it on a thread that’s discussing another topic.

In response to your question though, sorry but no I don’t but maybe another member on here might be able to help you :slight_smile:

Twinkle Toes x

Hi Martin have a look at UK HSCT for MS on facebook where there is a wealth of information. I do not believe they recommend India but favour Russia and Mexico. Hope you find what you are looking for. Sue

How’s the PPMS sufferers out there?

Over a week on the Iodine & things are looking up. I’ll give it the 3 month trial & note any improvements.

I seem to have a mob of scroungers stalking me again. Such lovely people out there.

Help is expensive, apparently! When helping yourself is free. Enjoy the freedom folks & steer well clear of idiots.

Well Terry,

I’ve just gone for it and ordered it too.

The non-dairy has helped with fatigue so we’ll see what the iodine can do.

Happy hunting

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12 days usage so far Steve & it’s definitely doing something. It must be okay.

It’s worth a try & the info on Iodine is quite appealing.

14 days usage of Lugols 15% Iodine solution & things are going well. My urine is clearer & I’m feeling far more alert. My overall health seems better. Less brain fog, clearer skin & more muscle strength. It gets 5 stars from me. I find it strange how it was taken out of foods in the 70’s & not many folks mention it’s potential. Considering how popular it once was.

Hi Terry,

Great to see that you’re having positive results using the Iodine and yes, it does seem strange that they removed it from foods back in the 70s but I guess there must be some valid reason as to why!!!

Twinkle Toes x

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There’s always a valid reason TT. Just like banning Conkers. This Iodine trial is the best thing I’ve ever done. It’s improved my health, so much, in just a short time & I’m no paid medical expert.

I look back at my deterioration with disbelief now. Why on earth, did I ever trust anyone?

When I was paralysed & sleeping in my own excrement. All I got was robbed & my common sense stolen.

I should of sued for medical negligence & disowned folks long ago.

I’ve just been to the city centre, at night, on my own & ordered half a Guiness in a bar. My outlook is completely different, now I’ve come to my senses. I’m enjoying driving again, in my own car & speaking to normal people in person.

It makes me sick, when I hear the same old crap about. It’s alright for you, you don’t have to work & they contribute to society.

Keep it real TT & look after yourself. There’s plenty of vultures out there. Fake ass scum & self proclaiming narcissists.

The real Terry is back. With my own plans.