Anyone seen a Herbalist?

After being told my MRI was clear Dr has taken me off drugs Neuro gave me - he thought it was MS. Also being weaned off an anti depressant so I can be put on Amitriptyline. But having looked at all the possible side effects do not know if I want to take this drug, but I do want to be able to get a full nights sleep and stop my legs jerking about. Worried that if I take the drug and I get more MS type symptons, dr will just say its side effects. Need to do something, nearly summer school holidays and I am unable to drive, due to vision and concentration/judgement problems . Had to go into town to see bank today as I messed my account up- more brain problems/ confusion causing this to happen. Went on the bus, struggled and was glad to get home. Spent last 2 hours in bed, as my legs are stiff and burning. Boys might be happy spending a summer on the Xbox, computer and watching tv, but it will make me feel an even worse mother than I already do

I would stay far away as possible from herbalists. I would never use them and would stick with what the GP or consultant can do for me.

Try and explain your situation to your GP that the medication has been of great benefit to you and that stopping it might flare things up. Hopefully he/she will agree to carry on your medication.

If you are still thinking of visiting a herbalist then see one that is registered and is an approved herbalist. I’m not sure what the link to the page was which shows their registration status. Maybe someone else will be able to provide you with the link.

I don’t mean to offend anyone reading this post if they believe herbal medicine is better than prescription medicines. Herbal medicine has no scientific evidence to back up there efficacy where as the prescription drugs go through rigorous trials before they are even considered to be approved.