Anyone see "Love your Garden" last night ?

God, I was in tears at this programme last night, that poor man looked so happy with the beautiful garden Alan Titchmarsh did for him. It was so tragic to see the dreadful decline of this poor chap over just two years. Motor Neurone is indeed a cruel old illness. When they visited him a few weeks after the makeover, I thought he looked extremely frail and haunting like things had taken a significant turn for the worse. My heart goes out to him and his family.

Hi, yes I did watch the programme and I too, felt overwhelmed by the familys guts to do whatever they could, to make the chaps last months or whatever, as happy as possible.

Alan Titchmarsh was very moved by the family.

The stuff that went into the garden was amazing. And the den for the young boy…I wished it could`ve had closed in sides to protect it and the boy from bad weather.

Yeh, a very moving prog. That poor man, so vibrant, fit and healthy.then to be so cruelly struck down is, well…just heart breaking.