Anyone know much about MS Research, training and education?

Hi Does anyone know much about this charity? They are advertising for trustees but I can’t see what differentiates them from other MS charities. Thanks

Never heard of them. Had a look at the website. Seems like a tiny operation. I would be a bit suspicious of the distinct lack of content on the website - if their focus is on research, training and education, where is it?? What have they done? What do they DO?

Karen x

You can find some info by putting their charity number into the Charity Commission website, and look at their accounts, contact details etc.

B x

Yep. Already have. I’m an accountant in the charity sector and I’m always a bit confused about charities that appear to do the same work as each other.

I’ve looked at them before, as I think they’re relatively local to me (Bristol area?)

They’ve been advertising that trustee position for yonks! I thought that in itself wasn’t a a glowing recommendation - why would I apply for a post nobody else wants?

I’m a bit wary of becoming a trustee anyway, because from what I can make of it, it’s a pretty thankless task. You don’t get paid for it, yet can be held personally liable for any mistakes you make. Perhaps it’s selfish of me, but I don’t think I want to lay everything on the line for something I’m not even paid for.


To be honest - I want a trustee position to boost my cv in the sector but it had to be for a charity I care about and I believe is doing good work. I already do voluntary work one day per fortnight and I get a lot from it. I think I’ll keep looking for suitable trustee positions. Fade

CV was the only reason I could think of for doing it. I do trust myself not to run off with the money, or anything like that. But I don’t know if I trust myself NEVER to make a mistake or error of judgment that would lose the charity money - particularly since the onset of the dreaded MS. I’m pretty level-headed, I like to think, but could I/should I stake my own money on never slipping up? Probably not, any more… :frowning:


Have more confidence in yourself! The auditors should spot any cock ups - plus there should be a group of competent trustees working together to fulfil the objectives of the charity.