Anyone heard this in LP results?

I recently had a lumbar puncture and evoked potentials test. I asked my GP for a copy of my results letter as he couldnt explain anything in it.

“Oligoclonal bands detected in CSF only, and not in serum. This is indicative of local synthesis of immuniglobulin within CNS.”

Evoked potentials…

“The evoked responses displayed artefact disturbed recordings, however reasonably well defined P100 responses bilaterally. The latency of this is markedly delayed, i.e. there is significant slowing of conduction in both visual pathways.”

Anyone know what this means. I have yet to be given diagnosis.

LP test indicates an immune/inflamatory response occured specific to the central nervous system rather than body as a whole. I beleve this indicates a positive test.

Evoked Potentials - I think artefact disturbed recordings mean that something that was not supposed to, affected the test (e.g. equipment faulty or poor contacts or interference from something) and some of the measurements would be affected; however, the P100 measurements see to be OK. and these are the most important ones anyway diagnostically. The P100 signal for both eyes is significantly slower than it should be. Ths is a possible indication of optic nerve damage in both eyes.

Thank you very much mrbobowen for your response. My MRI had shown excessive white matter and scattered lesions and given my symptoms I am expecting a positive result and diagnosis, its the wait in limbo thats the killer!

How long have you been waiting Alison?

Overall since start of february. MRI in May and Lumbar Puncture & Evoked Potentials on 30th July and i know my results have been available for 2+ weeks but noone is able to tell me them, it was me demanding that the neuro sent results to GP, who sent a letter that the GP didnt understand, i asked for a copy and jumped onto Google!