Anyone have this?

Hi all, i’m un dx but since yesturday have had a weird feeling. My back half way down was hurting and then went from hurt to ache.

When it started aching i got a weird feeling of tingly sort of numb sort of pins and needles down my legs and into my feet!

Hope someone can relate to that as it’s still here this morning but the aching is in them too.

sonia x

Just had a call off the Neuro, no LP for me because of my blood disorder so another MRI in 5 weeks and being referred to an MS specialist at the QE in birmingham. more waiting.

sonia x

Hiya all the weird things I have going on from the waist down would be rather an epic to describe,but I do feel for you.

I was sent to the QE from a Sandwell hosp and the wait will be well worth your while,the neuro I saw was great.

Only problem is he has now sent me to Dudley hospitals because of where I live. He did at least get me started on copaxone so thats good and was without a lp.

Take care


Thanks Pip, i just wish they had referred me 1st instead of sending me to the Heamo as them messing with my blood scares me stupid. Neuro at Heartlands has really pulled his finger out now though.

sonia x

Hi Sonia, My neuro wouldn’t give me a LP as she said it wouldn’t tell her what she needed to know and thae fact I am on warfarin. You can be dx without a LP, I was and I have SPMS. The MRI of head, neck and spine and other tests were conclusive plus my history.

I wish you good luck.



Thanks Janet, i just wish he had not put me through the anticipation and waiting to decide not to go ahead but at least he is referring me to an MS specialist.

sonia x