Anyone have deep tissue massage?

I’ve been suffering with a really stiff neck and shoulders for weeks now and am thinking of having a massage. I used to have sports massage in the past before diagnosis but am a bit nervous of setting off any tingles/pins and needles. Anyone else have regular massage?

Yes, I love it, really restores sensation, relieves pain and for me gets rid of the pins and needles, just reminded me I’ve not been for a while, must book another appointment. Mully

It’s been 18 months since I last had one Mully. Think I’ll book one this week!

I used to love having a massage but since my diagnosis, I find them painful

Haven’t had dx yet but could not survive without the deep massage my chiropractor does after treatment. I too suffer with neck and shoulder problems and have to have fortnightly treatment otherwise I would totally seize up and certainly wouldn’t be able to drive. Agree with Blossom that they are painful but pain for ten minutes is worth, for me, the relief I get afterwards. Just wish he could sort my other problems as easily!


I’ve not had deep tissue massage, but I recently had a myofascial massage. It focuses on the connecting tissue in the body. When she did it, it would feel like she wasn’t doing much - just holding different parts of the body like my annkles or neck. But then after her putting gently pressure on the right bit for a couple minutes, the tension that I didn’t even know was there would suddenly be released, and it would feel like my body was sinking in relaxation. It was weird, but very pleasant : )

I’ve also got a small spiky massage ball which I use at home (search ebay or amazon and you’ll find them for about five or six quid). I often get knots in my back, so I lie on the floor with the spiky ball under the knot and gently move my back & shoulders. It gives the knot a real good working out, and doesn’t take long for the tension to be released.