anyone had a proctogram? scared silly

Hi im due a proctogram wed im so scared…they will stick barium up my bum then xray as i try to poop…im.scared it wont come out as i have looked it up and says you have to drink it as well…no mention of that on lettet though…im scared…dont want to drink barium as i get obstructed as have constipation…if you had one did you have to drink it or was it just up your bum…sorry to ask

I’m sorry I cant answer your question but thought I’d reply to bump you back up to the top Sue x

Hi,I had a proctogram a couple of weeks was honestly fine.i think it’s just the unknown that’s worrying ! You have to drink a can of chalk like liquid and wait for 45 mins .then u are taken to a room where barium paste is inserted .next u have to sit on a commode like seat and clench your muscles in and then poo when told !!! I’m amazed I managed to do this but I was looking at the X-ray screen so that helped me push with all my strength the paste out .(I couldn’t manage all of it though.) I went home straight away and drank a lot so it didn’t make me too constipated.the funny thing was me and my partner joked about a male doing the test as there was a lot of females around…yes I had two men do the test !! Arhhhh .!!! Just waiting for the results on the 3rd December !!! X Jo .x

I had one done in january and I did not have to drink anything. I was nervous too but it honestly was fine. You can tell they do this every day and it’s all so professional. I was in and out in under 10mins. My husband couldn’t believe it especially as it took us an hour to drive to the hospital. They took me in, asked me to put a gown on. Took me into the room and asked me to lie on the table on my side. They explained that they were going to insert the toothpaste like stuff into my bum and after they did I had to jump down, sit on a commode like thing and push it out when told too. There was a screen around it to try and make it more private. It really was fine and one of the better tests I have had done. Good luck