Anyone got raised igG levels all the time?

Hi all hope you are as well as can be expected. I’m getting my rebif delivered tomorrow and got the ms nurse coming tomorrow as well so tomorrow will be my first injection! Not nervous as yet just looking forward to having more control in a way - as in doing what I can to help prevent relapses. Anyway I had a question regarding bloods that I thought I would pose and see how many people had the same thing. I’ve had raised igG levels on every blood test they’ve done and no medical professional seems to be able to give an actual reason for it. I’m just wondering how many people here have had raised igG levels on bloods?

Hey Karina,

No ideas about the blood tests - science has never been my forte!

I just wanted to wish you well starting your Rebif tomorrow, hope it all goes well.

(I went up to full dose on Friday without any drama - huge relief!)

Laura x

Oh that’s great that going up didn’t affect you - was thinking about you on the weekend wondering how you did going up. Great news :slight_smile:

Karina, Had no idea what igG levels were - but l do like to find out - so l just googled it. As you already know - they are part of the anti-bodies in your blood. And lgG protects against bacterial and viral infection.

You can be deficient - but high levels l would have thought were a good thing.

Hope you get a simple answer.

Getting blood tests again this week for full blood count, liver function test, igG igM, igA, crp and esr and also a recheck of vitamin d level - so hopefully they will all be normal!!

Hi Karina

Just wondered how it went today? Did you get any answers from the nurse about your blood tests?

Hoping the first injection went well and you haven’t experienced any side effects.

Tracey x

Hi Tracey thanks for the post and for remembering! First injection went ok - didn’t take painkiller before as she said it was good not to for the first time so that I can judge the side effects. Have a headache and hot round the site area but not too bad so not taking any painkillers yet will see how it feels later on. She explained most people experience the side effects when they titrate up to 44 so will be ibroprofen packed by then!! Got to go tomorrow to get a whole load of repeat blood tests - they don’t know why results still are high and also my liver function tests are playing up again and are raised so hopefully on the next results they will be normal! (which will hopefully be back early next week if I get to the hospital for the bloods tomorrow). Had an ultrasound last week to check kidneys and everything there seemed fine so that’s something!!