Anyone experienced a surgical menopause?

After a year at continence clinic by chance it was discovered I have a huge pelvic mass ( which they has been trying to Catherise … any other story) which requires urgent surgery to see if it’s cancer… whilst I am trying to keep calm and remind myself the majority are benign I am still worrying but more about the relationship between the surgery and my ms … I am really lucky my ms is very quiet I have very few issues and generally but get on with life however the bits I know upset it are changes in my internal temperature, tiredness and stress…

the surgery is very extensive and will bring on an immediate surgical menopause as my ovaries are coming out along with lots of other bits I don’t need! , which I guess will mess with my body temp regulation and I am not sure they will offer hrt due to the cancer risks ?

, the surgery will be a huge stress as I am useless at being ill and not doing things though I am heartened to read that most people on here reported not to having a relapse after surgery …

any advice or tips welcomed !

what a total shock for you.

can’t offer advice but try your best to stay calm.

slow deep breathing is the way, if you count to 5 on the in breath, then to 10 on the out breath it acts like meditation.

heal well - HBOT (Hyper Barric Oxygen Therapy) speeds up the healing process so if you have an ms therapy centre that offers this, book a course of sessions.

carole x

I haven’t had a surgical menopause but I did have major abdominal surgery just 5 weeks ago. Although the anaesthetic made me quite sick for the first 24 hours I am recovering well. The surgeon said people with MS can feel sleepy on occasions for several weeks after a general. Also the anaesthetist said that anaesthetics don’t cause relapses and if I had one it would be a coincidence. Fingers crossed then as I haven’t had one…yet. Good luck xx

Hi Mollymoo, I had a total thyroidectomy for thyroid cancer 12 years ago and I ‘crashed’ through the menopause overnight at the age of 48. My symptoms were sudden episodes of temperature deregulation, sweating, flushes and feeling very hot all of the time, plus of course my periods stopped overnight. Blood tests confirmed it. There may be no need to go onto HRT, depending upon your symptoms afterwards. There are local HRT products as well as systemic products that you may be able to use. Your gynaecologist will advise accordingly. Best of luck with your surgery.

Thanks all … kt201 how soon did they pass? Those are the symptoms that trigger my ms

I’m not totally sure because it as a few years ago. But I would estimate 6 months because at first I put it down to starting on thyroxine and my body getting used to the change from a natural to synthetic product and then I had bloods to confirm menopause.

Dear KT201, I had a total hysterectomy at 42 and following years of pain and a horrendous condition called adenomyosis, the hysterectomy was fantastic. Three months off of work, I joined a local gym and swam as soon as I was allowed to. I am not sure whether it had an effect on my RRMS, it is mildly active now and has been ever since but I try to keep fit and look after my diet. I now don’t know what to blame on my menopause and what to blame on my ms, safe to say though, now a vegan, I am fitter than i ever have been. I tried hrt but had headaches. I felt that diet and exercise was the best treatment. Emotionally it is all such a lot to get through. (Felt like I was on a conveyor belt, bits were painfully falling back into place following surgery, moods were all over the place, pain was boring, lost my words and memory), so gather round people who love you and warn them that you will need a good listening ear. Of course, head back to this forum when you need to. Kindest thought Ali

Thanks Ali rpthaes really helpful…I think that’s kind of what I am expecting, if I can manage my body temp that might help. Was thinking if it isn’t cancer fingers crossed it’s benign ( mine is a huge tumour on ovaries that’s been masquerading as my bladder … ) then they might let me have hrt to get over the initial surgery healing stages then try to get through the menopause bit … like you I do try manage my ms (and low mood ) with exercise … I ride, run and do Pilates … all of which will have to stop for a while …I think that is what bothers me too I hate being stuck in so I am likely to wallow in it ! … the bit I really need to work harder in is diet! I am a veggie …but a bad one I eat rubbish plus i am a real sugar addict ! Another worry lol that I’ll sit and eat rubbish for the whole recovery time as I’ll be feeling sorry for myself as I will put on weight !

I am going to fill the freezer this weekend in anticipation I can’t do much as whilst my hubby isn’t well enough himself to cook he can at least do "ping " dinners !

Just want it over now … be lovely if could go to sleep and walk 3 months later feeling fab !

Dear Mollymoo, My ovary was the size of a grapefruit and so I was so pleased to get rid of it, my womb muscle was filling up with blood so I was pleased to get rid of that too. Can’t help but think that it was all part of the ms…you know, everything seems to mis-function? I watched plenty of dvds in the early recovery days and I bathed in salt water (there are healthy people on this forum who can advise on natural health food stuffs for healing) I got used to peppermint tea and bought tons of sugar-free sweets (m and s food stores do lovely rhubarb and custard drops). I read a couple of novels (easy non-heavy stuff) and uploaded ‘3D home design’ app (brilliant). And the up-side…I can no longer get cancer of the womb or cervix. Two less conditions to worry about.?..

warmest thoughts at this difficult time. Rest and recuperate well Ali