Anybody have COPD aswell


Does anybody have COPD aswell as MS? I was diagnosed with mild emphysema two months ago. Came as a bit of a shock.

I gave up smoking eleven years ago. I think it’s been brought on by cycling without a mask in London. I had a really bad coughing fit during the summer.

I had really bad acute Bronchitis when I was diagnosed. The doctor was really brutal. ‘This is how you are going to feel from now on.’ I think she was having a bad day. I got rid of the Bronchitis over a week with antibiotics. I felt fine for three days. Went for a walk, got cold and woke up the next day and I could barely move. My lungs and ribs were severely inflamed. I had to go back to the Doctor’s and he sent me to A&E. They sent me home after four hours.

My condition got worst over two weeks and I could barely get to the supermarket without having a panic attack. It was really horrible. My brother came over and took me to his and then took me up to Wales the next day. I have been recuperating here for the last five weeks. I feel a lot better but my chest is still tight. I’m not sure if this is part of the COPD or MS hug. I have a feeling it is MS hug. I still have pretty bad anxiety aswell. I watched my father die from this disease. It was really horrible. He could barely cross the kitchen without losing his breath.

I feel that I’ve had a pretty bad relapse and it’s affected my lungs rather than my brain. It’s the first relapse I’ve had for three years. It has been a very scary experience. I was hoping to go back to work in the New Year. I had been feeling really well. There is no way that is going to happen now. It would appear that I now have three chronic illnesses. It’s pretty depressing.

Anyway, I just felt I needed to share this and to see if anyone had COPD aswell.