So I’m really atruing tonight, in pain, pins and needles an feeling all heebie jeebie! :frowning: on top of that I think my asthma is playing up as I’m struggling to breth properly! How do people cope! I’ve not long been diagnosed! :frowning: Sarah. Xx

Hi Sarah, I can’t give you any answers (recently diagnosed myself and freaking out a bit to be fair) except to say post on here and we will keep you company through the heebie jeebies (and someone more knowledgeable may come along soon with some more useful advice!). My remedy tonight has been to drink too much wine which is not helping with the wobbles…

Hi Both,

I think I have a bit more experience. I was diagnosed last year. I have had three relapses in the last year and a half. The last two have been triggered by a cold I’m pretty sure I could have avoided both by not over doing things. With my last relapse, I had a cold for two weeks, I felt OK, so I went for a cycle and I cycled really hard which was a really bad mistake. As soon as I got in I had a cream cake. Sounds ridiculous but as soon as I had eaten it, I felt my immune system completely fizzing up. After that I went into a relapse which lasted three months. I came out of this at the end of June.

I now know that my main triggers are; colds, wheat, dairy, possibly sugar and caffeine. I don’t eat wheat and I don’t eat dairy. I try to avoid sugar and caffeine, as much as possible. Also, it’s probably a really good idea not to over do things with exercise. I have been feeling really well recently and I have started jogging but I have completely overdone things to the point where I feel that I am on the verge of relapse i.e. all the symptoms that you have Sarah. I know that I can stop this by just taking things easy and not overdoing things which I am going to do over the next few days. I suggest that you do the same, if you can.

Also, I have found and I think that many MSers will agree, that supplementation is really important. I take vit B12 (1000mcg), vit d3 (5000iu), Magnessium Citrate (250 mcg), Omega 3 (1g) and a good Acidophilus probiotic. I’m sure that other people would add other things to this but this seems to work really well for me. I am not on medication at the moment, I was on Rebif for two months but it made me incredibly depressed. I think that most people are OK on it. i am waiting to try Copaxone at the beginning of October. I am using this time to see what I can do to make a difference and I think what I am doing is really helping. I just have to watch out for those vulnerable times and be really careful.

MS is a bitch and when you are first diagnosed, it is a real bitch. You go through a griefing process which lasts for several months but you finally get to a point where you are in remission and life doesn’t seem that bad. It still is a bitch and much more so when you are in remission and beyond but I no longer wake up each day thinking that first terrified thought ’ I have MS’, it is now something much more banal.

I hope that this has been of some help to you. Good luck with it all.

Adrian x

Hi Sarah, I also have only been diagnosed 2 weeks! I also have been having a few wobbles and dizzy spells…hope i not having another relapse!

I have asthma also and i have noticed it has been worse, i occasioanlly get the reoccurance of a partial hug. It not as bad as i had the first time but its tight and really uncomfortable. The asthma i think sometimes is the hug or just stress/tiredness irritates it maybe?

But i hubby is redoing our bathroom so i think all the tiles dust/plaster makes my asthma worse anyway. Only advice i can give is if you are worried go to gp or ring neuro and get advice. Rest and try to not get stressed as we all know that stress makes your ms worse! Heebie jeebies are pretty standard for me and although i seem to successfully ignore them most of the time, the evenings are pretty bad, but again i work long hours so tiredness probs irritates it!

Gabepentin help with most of my symptoms and i thanks my neuro for it every day hahaha. Chin up, rest and relax as much as poss and listen to your body, it will guide you what it needs you to do !

If you wanna chat anytime pm me, i figure that we both newbies and can whinge together a little/or alot whatever u need!

Lea xx