anybody any advice??

hi there anybody any advice for me,been on tysabri for 2 yrs getting on great,no relapses only symtoms all been well,but last 2 weeks had endless migraine headache that seems to run its course then just when i think its going away it starts all over again,usually the pain on one side off head this is starting at base of skull and covering whole head.cant see gp till 2morrow had a emergency app over weekend with doc but meds no touched it,bit worried is this a relapse?a migraine or something i should be worried about…my mum said could be tension headache but no tension and seems far to sore advice would be welcome

thank for your time

ooh Poppy, I’ve got no advice, sorry my lovely but wanted to say how horrid for you and I do hope that the doctors can give you something to knock that migraine on the head asap. Take care and get better soon xx

I have this. I’m pretty sure it’s Occipital Neuralgia, in my case anyway /