Any 'water' experts out there??

Hi ya

Can anyone help?

On the 8th August a continence nurse tried the intermittent catheter on me - never done a catheter before and never since - at all times my urine has been clear and no bits. Since the ‘procedure’ the urine is not as clear and spider web floating bits in it. I took a sample in to the nurse and she said there was a bit of blood, some strange name I can’t remember and also white cells. Sooooo:

1 Sample was sent to the lab - lost label

2 Sample sent again - spilt

3 Sample sent again - results back that said do another one in 3 weeks

4 Sample sent again - results today “If problems persist do another one” - that’s all it said!

This is all new to me so I don’t know if it’s ok or not. Still the same cloudy, bity urine that use to be crystal clear before 8th August.


If you cathaterise there will be blood in your urine because you use cathaters. Unless your urine is red I wouldn’t really worry. The other bits will be lucosites (spelling might be wrong). White urine could be a sign of an infection, although I was advised last week that in order for it to be an infection you should also feel quite ill, not unlike flu but not as bad. That said I’ve had lab tested urine come back positive for a infection without any other symptoms. My advice, see your GP and take a sample with you in one of the bottles with the crystals at the bottom. They can test it there and then and/or send it away to be tested.