any idea whats going on

I really dont knw what to think take you a year ago when all this started I started with a lot of emotian and pain in 1 leg and looked to me as if I had a dent were muscle was and pain up and down 1 leg tingleing and burning sensation lack of appatite thist whent on for 4 month then 8 weeks ago started to have neck pain and my neck swelled at back headaches and dizzynes pins and needles burning down 1 arm and my foot whent numb my muscle dented in in my arm now and ocasinal pain. In my arm and fatuige in my body tempal pain and dry skin hormonal also get a crawing fuzzy feeling in my head awating to c a nurolagist any 1 can shed any light would be gr8

Well JoJo you show symptoms of a few possibilities; not MS which is good but whatever I say will be overridden by the tests and results by your Neurologist.

The first is your headaches; this could be Hughes Syndrome or sticky blood. Yes MS does cause headaches and Hughes Syndrome headaches are worse; see

This complaint can be successfully treated otherwise the symptoms mimic MS.

The swelling of your neck could be

This can be successfully treated

The third possibility is

There’s no cure for Sjögren’s syndrome, but treatments help relieve symptoms such as eye and mouth dryness.

If not any of these it could be a mirad of others. So you see my luv it is very vague and you must rely on your Neurologist’s findings.

Good luck


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Bloody fed up I c a nurolagest in march I am in agony with my arm some days had enf of it all every single thing my doc gave me sum tablets and then have moved me on to some more today thanks hun x

The arm isnt dented in my joint is swolen been geting twitchy eye all day and the nurolagest has said I wil be seen in march