Any idea on how to stop this?

Hi folks Merry Christmas and all that. I trust 2020 will be positive for you all. I’ve woken up twice in a row with the worst jerking in my leg. It seems to be related to a plate sized patch of pain on my hip. I used to get a twitch in my leg with a pain patch about the size of a 5 pence. If I pressed it, the twitch would stop. Now I’m getting a big patch on my hip, it’s too big to press the whole thing. And this isn’t a small twitch. It’s a kicking, jerking, painful spasm that I can’t stop. The sensation on the skin can be best described as tiny lightening bolts crossing the skin. If I take 3 or 4 Baclofen it stops, but I’m already on the max dose which means I have to cut it back in the day, leading to bad stiffness and pain in the day. Before you say it, I can’t phone my MS nurse - I don’t have one. I moved to a new area in August and am still waiting for anything from the hospital. I’m currently up the creek without a paddle as they say.

I found taking 200mg of magnesium greatly eased the problem of spasm & cramp and probably worth trying before the more heavy duty drugs. It’s a beneficial mineral and has the advantage of being something you can buy over the counter.

Thank you, I will try this