any good strategies?

had a feeling today wouldnt be brill- started off ok- but panic attacks have kicked in again- made a list of things i have to do but my head has gone to mash-any good strategies for getting through this- was going to get some paper and just rtite down how im feeling and just keep ploughing through- i only have a small bit of work todo today and thats the problem- nothing to hide behind by 12 noon-and i have to do deliveries today-one is ok as they dont know me so acting skills at the ready- the other three are people i know and thats harder!!. thanks for listening-

BC xx

Q ‘How do you eat an elephant?’

A ’ One small bite at a time.’

That’s because if you sat down and contemplated the task of eating the elephant it would seem so overwhelming that you would get disheartened and it would be hard to find a way to start.

Anyway, I remember being taught that on a work course about problem-solving, many years ago, and it still comes to mind sometimes. Just don’t try to solve everything at once, BC - take it one little step at a time, and don’t worry if you’re having a bad day. It all counts as progress; even the bad stuff.



I suffered from Panic attacks for years and got them under control with CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). Ask your GP to refer you. Totally worked for me.

Plus, you are working through all this crap and not giving in so you must be a bit of a bad-ass, so keep that in mind too.


thankyou lovely ladies- i like the thought of being a bad ass elephant eater. I have been looking into the cbt and will pop into GP. made it to the deliveries-nearly cries at a school secretary but did it- a freind is coming over in a bit and im not going to say im ok-im going to tell the truth-wish me luck

thanks for you support

BC xx

Hi CB,

I have had quite a lot of trouble with panic attacks, but in the end I was given beta blockers. I still take them now and I can still remember the feeling of utter relief I had when I first started on them. Whether you ask for these or not, please be aware that you are not the only one to have these horrible things!

Best wishes,


Thanks Moira

Wow today has been huge-and a lovely honest chat with a friend has helped loads-im very lucky to have such good friends-feel a lots lighter- but still have to talk to hubby.feels like its all juggling into a better position now

you have all been fantastic- i have been using the forum as a complete crutch the last few days and i cant tell you how much better its making me feel.



have just done the most liberating thing (suggested by a friend) i have unsubscribed everyone on my facebook page except my brothers,kids and good friends- ive also taken down the side bar, so it doesnt look like ive dissappeared or have de-friended anyone and can chat to people if i go to their page

so thats about 280 people im now not envious of or trying to keep up with- now i get to chat to my family and the friends that really are my real life friends. if you look out your window there is a huge weight with my name on it flying over head and out to sea.

may seem a bit lame (why dont i just come off FB) but i do a lot of business on FB and it would be a great loss to my business not to be on there.

feels brill

how weird

BC xx