Any advice please.

Hi, My name is Shelly and I am 56 years old. It all started about 10 years ago when I was diagnosed with Bells Palsy. It lasted about 6-7 weeks and I kept having falls and stumbles. I have had lots of problems since then but more so since last March when I saw my G.P and he told me that I had trigeminal nerve nueralgia. Oh my gosh the pain was excrutiating.It didnt go away for over a month. I couldnt comb my hair or even wash. My other symptoms seem to flare up occasionally, I have one sided rib pain/discomfort,Severe leg cramps ( it feels like my calves are going to turn to stone!) it makes me cry its so bad,and in the morning after my leg cramps my legs feel like I have run a marathon they are sooooo sore and ache so much, thankfully my cramps only happens once in a while and usually at night. I forget things and things are on the tip of my tongue and find it really irratating. I have depression( which I have had for 8 years). I am dizzy most days, usually the room moves sideways and back again and then does it again!..I suffer migraines,lower back pain shoulder blade pain, and some mornings I get out of bed feeling that I need to go back to sleep. I seem to get flare ups, but never seem to get all the symptoms all at once. Oh its soooo confusing. I have been and had a C.T scan today as I cannot have an MRI due to a metal clip implant I have, Has anyone else got a diagnosis this way or am I still going to have to have more tests. Do you think I have M.S or am I going mad?? I feel such a hypochondriac? Its sooo difficult. Any info help or advice would be very much appreciated. I had the C.T scan done with the injection ,I think its called contrast?? I feel a little weird and a bit more dizzy than usual and have a dry mouth, but that is probably normal after this procedure. I just dont know what to expect…Thanks for listening and for reading my post… Bye for now a very confused Shelly! :confused: xxxxxx

Hi Shelly, and welcome :slight_smile:

CT isn’t as good as MRI for spotting MS lesions, but it is good enough to use when MRI isn’t possible so hopefully it will provide enough info for your neuro to make a diagnosis. What that might be is difficult to say because although your symptoms are found in MS, they can also occur in lots of other conditions. One thing’s for sure, you are not a hypochondriac!

I don’t know all that much more than the basics about CT, but contrast injections can cause a few side effects and it’s normally best to drink lots of water in the 24 hours afterwards. If it doesn’t get better, then you should probably call the Imaging Unit where you had the CT done and ask for advice. (And/or your GP.)

If you aren’t seeing your neuro for a while, please ask your GP for help with your symptoms. There are meds that can help things like dizziness and spasms - and you do not need a diagnosis to get them, although your GP may want to check with your neuro before prescribing.

I hope you get some answers soon!

Karen x