Any advice on Meds, Vits & Supplements?

I’ve just found out that my daily Nitrofurantoin anti b as a preventative of UTI’s WILL NOT work with any type of Magnesium.

My Vitamin regime includes: B, C, D, H (Biotin in 3 doses) and I eat lots of various fish, chicken, fresh fruit & veg.

Magnesium L Threonate & K2 drops recently added. JMy choice to take Magnesium with Nitrofurantoin never actually kills the infection!! Any advice? My anxiety is through the roof!

I use the BetterYou supplements quite a lot as there’s less fillers - oral vit D/D3 sprays and Magnesium oil spray to massage into legs to calm spasticity, so more direct than taking orally. Don’t know if those suggestions are of any help to you.

Sonia x

Not got a scoobie SORRY is best and most caring voice. how about taking at a 12 hour apart from each other? or speak to GP for a different AB I cant remember the name of the one I used to take as preventative. I dont need one since I have gone Supra Pubic catheter, I now go months and months instead of 8 weeks with infections when I had an indwelling catheter, I HATE UTI’s and I never HATE anything but I do when it comes to UTI


Hi Don, I don’t hate either, it’s a strong word. But such regular uti’s, pain, temperature & risks the infections bring, lead to describe uti’s as hateful. An SPC ok awaits soon and then I’ll resume Magnesium of whatever type is best.

All other vits & supplements still appear to be beneficial, especially Biotin, But C D & fish oils. I suppose I should be delighted (flippin’ hard when bladder or any infections make us feel so poorly.