Hi everyone,

I hope you are all well.

Does anyone on here suffer with anxiety?

I have always suffered with it my whole life. As a child I used to throw up every morning before school and then it has flared up as panic attacks as I have got older.

The last time I had problems with it was after the London bombs. I took anti - depressants for around 8 months and also had counselling. This was before I was diagnosed with MS.

Recently it has flared up again and I have been having at least one attack since boxing day. There is no real reason for this …last year was not a particularly good year for me personally but I didn’t think it had bothered me that much. Could this just be another thing to add to my list of MS related symptoms?




     Your anxiety doesn't seem due to MS because you had it before then, but it certainly can be a symptom and could have been made worse? I had this symptom as the first of several before I was diagnosed. Although I knew full well that this was due to the disease my old GP didn't really take any notice of it until I read that beta blockers are great for this, so I asked for some. I now have these (Atenolol) and I can't tell you how much easier my life has been since I have had them.

                              I hope that whatever you decide, you are soon feeling much better.

                          Best Wishes,



Hi,yes it can be a symptom of ms,you could have a lesion on the part of the brain that controls anxiety, i know i do, like you i have had panic attacks most of my life,it flares up at times, and can last for many months.

It can be a part of MS. I know it affected me badly a few years ago and I now take 5ml of Cipralex anti depressants (a mild dose) they just keep me level. Feeling guilty did it for me. Good luck with getting help with it; it might be an idea to see your GP.



thanks everyone for your replies.


Corkie - that is what I am on - but 10mg. Its my 3rd day today so im hoping I start to feel better soon.


Gayle I have been having trouble sleeping too and the longer I am awake the more I panic about panicing.


I try to think positive all the time but the more I get like this the harder it is to turn those thoughts in to positives.


thanks everyone - im not due to see my nurse until June but I think I might give her a call

I don't suffer from anxiety, I really don't, got it! evilLaugh

Seriously though, I get rapid breathing in short breaths that feel like my breath is being taken away or
I wake up and my heart flutters and beats really fast.

I also wake up feeling like I have motion sickness or dizzy and I get this watery sensation in the mouth and feel like
I want to be sick. When I do its only stomach acid and all of a sudden after its gone.

I could also be watching some movie then all of a sudden I feel sick and hot.

Oh also late at night I sometimes get a hot flush face goes red and heart races and shallow breathing again.

When spoke to two neuro bods about this and my GP they both said the shortness of breath and sickness was
due to my MS and has come after a mini relapse or before one.

GP said heart racing and shortness of breath is down to me taking Thyroxin, I was also told from MS Nurse that
taking Tysabri can cause this also.

So I kind of get conflicting answers or they all could be correct as looking up side effects of the two drugs they
do say this.

You don't say what drugs you are taking so I could just be talking poo blush



Hiya, I get anxiety… I’ve been taking 40mg of citalopram for a few months (built up) and I can honestly say they’ve changed my life. Over Xmas I also discovered that my sister in law had been suffering really bad with anxiety and tried to take citalopram but she got all of the side effects. So, she started working out and going to CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and she’s cured! Couple of different options. I do work out too but haven’t been able to for the last few months due to a relapse and weird blood results. It was really bad when I couldn’t work out. I think there is a major link! I don’t know if ur in a position to exercise. I know there are mss videos for those less able. Good luck, anxiety is vile!! Suz xx


I suffer from anxiety. I have had a few panic attacks, one when I was out with my children alone which was really scary. My main anxiety is about having a life threatening illness. It's almost as if because I have MS then what else am I gonna get.

I am not on any drugs for it as I did not realise there were any. I have been having hypnptherapy which has been working but have recently started on Rebif and have been having terrible stomach pains and burping etc. Now I worry that I have stomach cancer! Anyway I digress!!

I really think the anxiety is down to MS. Try listening to a relaxation CD or self hypnosis CD before you sleep. It really does help you sleep which in turn means you will be calmer during the day.

Good luck