Anxiety/Panic Attacks


Just wondering if anyone suffers with Anxiety and panic attacks or has only suffered since dx with MS? I have always worried about things to a certain extent but mainly what people think or me and if I am liked pathetic I know. In October I went through a bout of anxiety and had my first panic attack with meds and counselling I got back to ‘normal’. I was fine again up until Monday when going to bed had a panic attack and yesterday felt on edge all day.

I am 31 my mum and some older friends/close colleagues say it gets better as you do stop caring what people think but I am now worrying I am like this forever and it’s going to get worse and I wont be able to work anymore etc.

Also that I sometimes forget things but im sure all people do just me over re-acting.


Hi Tracey,

I have anxiety/panic attacks. I think I’ve had them for years due to various disasters, but it wasn’t until last year that I realise that they were becoming dangerous.

I went to speak to my GP and started on a low dose of Citalopram and it’s been brilliant. I’d got to the point that anything stressful would start my muscles twitching and I’d end up in a terrible state. Then I started to get self- harming thoughts and that’s when I realised that I wasn’t doing well.

I had a relapse last year and the increase in panic attacks may have come from that. I know that affected me mentally as well as physically.

I hope the meds start to work soon,

not just best wishes, but hugs,



Hi Tracey, about 30 years ago (I’m 60 this year) I went through a period of having terrible panic attacks. It was awful. I was scared to go outside and seemed to live in fear all the time. I went to the doctor and got some pills that calmed me down and then saw a therapist who helped a lot. Just being able to talk about it helped!

The panic attacks went away and I have never ever had another one since!!! I’ve been through some difficult times since then & been dx with ppms… but NO panic attacks have ever come back! So I am in a position to promise you that they will go away and not come back.

And your mum and older friends are right… as you get older you care less and less what people think of you. You really start to feel at home in your own skin and if others don’t like it… too bad. That confidence does come with age.

Give it a few days hon. It’s possible you’ve just had a blip that won’t amount to anything… but if the panic attacks do return (or the fear of a panic attack increases) go back to the GP. There are fantastic med’s around to help with these things and you shouldn’t suffer when there’s something to help.

And remember, this too will pass (promise).

Pat x

Hello Tracey,

I know just what you mean about the panic attacks, and to me this has always been the worst of my MS symptoms.

My old GP was very condecending about this, but the one I have now is great. I was originally just given diazepam, but as this causes my MS symptoms to get worse (such as dead legs) they were’t much good. I was then given beta blockers and these are really fabulous as I can use them and still have a clear head and no MS symptoms. Best of luck to you and please be aware that so may of us on the forum know JUST what you mean when you talk about this common, but rarely talked about MS symptom.

Best wishes,


Hi Tracey,

just before Christmas I was experiencing terrible anxiety and panic-attacks following a chest infection, falls and a trauma. I have never suffered with this before in the 17 years I have lived with MS. After some research I discovered a remarkable book - Self-help for the Nerves by Dr Claire Weekes. (I have since discovered health professionals refer to this book). I have read it twice and no longer experience the paralysing fear which could literally stop me in my tracks and the symptoms associated with panic, rapid heart beat etc. Everything seems to have calmed down and I smile again, all the time - I feel like me.

I haven’t posted on here for a few years, yet felt compelled to recommend this book, it has changed my life and my understanding of my mind/body connection. I wasn’t sure about the medication offered due to adverse reactions.

I hope this book may help others to, even in a small way, good luck Jo

Thank you all so much for your posts.

I am on citalopram which has always worked for me in the past but then when I had my first panic attack in October I was given Propanol which they said to take if I could feel one coming on, I haven’t had to use it until this week and it has certainly helped. I just feel like such a failure for being like this.

I have a very capable team that I am responsible for at work and if I was doing something wrong or not supporting them enough etc I am pretty damn sure they would tell me as they have quiet strong personalities. I get on well with them all but I dont like confrontation so maybe I am just living in fear that it might happen and if it does how will I cope and will I go right back downhill etc.

My boss (male) says I worry too much and he hasn’t been told anything etc but instead I am worrying that maybe people have mentioned things but he just isn’t telling me.


Hey Tracey,

There are ways you can get over or at least reduce your anxiety naturally. I personally it had really but that only changed when I decided to change my lifestyle. What I mean by that is I started exercising daily & eating healthy, I also started taking kick boxing classes as it helps me release and get my mind off of things - in my opinion over thinking is what worsens anxiety. This video is what I believe helped me the most to overcome my anxiety -