Dear All, I have never been an anxious or stressed person. My current symptoms include, pins and needles, legs, hands and arms, face and stiffness in hips. I also feel shaky.

Weirdly though, l also feel anxious. All of the time. I remember this feeling, like doing a driving test or sitting an interview. Is this anxiety? I have a knot in my chest and am on high alert, like something bad is about to happen? Do other people feel like me?

The doctor has given me beta blockers…shall I take them?

any advice is truly welcome. Cheers Ali

Hi, have you had a diagnosis yet?

If not then you are bound to feel anxious.

If your doctor has prescribed beta blockers I think you should take them.

But maybe you could ask him why he has put you on them…is it for your anxiety or a heart problem?


Hi Alilim,

If you type anxiety into the search bar at the top right of this page and then open up the fourth result down you will see that anxiety is very common and around a third of people with MS have it.

I am currently going through the process of being diagnosed and I was very curious about this too. I have a friend who is at a similar point on her journey and we were discussing our respective symptoms. In recent years both of us have experienced heightened anxiety, but had put it down to other things. My friend had been experiencing full blown panic attacks. I have noticed I’ve become a particularly nervous passenger and hate being driven by other people because I seem to be hyper aware of every single potential danger and I can’t relax at all. It wasn’t until discussing it that we realised there may be a link and I looked it up.

Other peoples experiences of this would be of great interest to me as it’s hard enough to think that you are not going mad when you’re experiencing all these different symptoms. I have become a great believer in rescue remedy!

I’m afraid I can’t offer any advice on whether or not you should take the beta-blockers that is a personal decision for you but perhaps someone else here will be able to help.

Wishing you all the best and hoping you get some answers soon,

Libby x

The Dr has suggested ms but I have to wait till the 12th Sept to see a neurologist. The anxiety stuff is weird, however, I did read today that it is common. Thank you for your concern. X


amitriptyline was prescribed to calm down the tingling in my hands.

it makes me sleep which is a good thing.

i read up on it and it is often used for anxiety.

it’s my favourite pill!

carole x

Thanks for reply. And the reminder that there is a search bar, brilliant. Yes, anxiety could simply be part of symptoms and/or situation. Not seeing neurologist for a while, no local services, so ms is a lonely place. This forum helps to answer concerns, so thank you.