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Deep breath - here goes folks - I have always been a panicker and worrier from a child - worried about my Dad’s drinking and him and mum rowing plus I was adopted and probably this was an issue as well, plus when I was dating my wife we split up and she went with someone else and I can’t put this away either (over 25 yrs ago) and we love each other to bits… Been off and on cipralex for the last few years and it seems to help but I would love to leave worry behind and get on with my life - I worry about the smallest things like people seeing my tattoo’s and other stuff…I really need to change the way I think about things but having MS and being an only child (my mum depends on me since Dad died) leaves me stressed at times but on the outside, I’m quite a happy go lucky character…sometimes I just want to fade away and get away from everything…please make it go away…

Are you on the Cipralex now? If not then my advice would be to get back on it and stay on it. I have a severe anxiety disorder and in my experience coming on and off the medication has made things worse. I plan to stay on my medication long term. And you could also try Vedic meditation, Google it x


Thanks Lisa - back on the cipralex 10mg and plan to stay on it…thanks x will check vedic out

First of all, I agree completely with LisaC about finding a med that suits and darned well sticking with it. For sure, it would be nice not to be a person who is chronically inclined towards mood disorders, just the same way it would be nice to be a person who doesn’t have MS etc etc. What we can’t change, we must learn to manage, and it seems to me that the right medication to manage mood is going to be (and keep on being) part of the mix for some of us. Life is for living and making the most of. It’s the road to no-town, trying to tell ourselves we shouldn’t need the medication that lets us function as well as we can do.

I bet you have guessed that I’m going to start banging on about counselling again now, haven’t you? And yes, I am. Helping us to change the way we think about things is exactly what counselling can do. Don’t ask me how - I did try to learn about that a while ago and am still none the wiser, but I know from personal experience that it can be remarkably helpful in ways hard to describe. Worth a try, perhaps. Feeling the need for a change of perspective is a good point to start from. Counsellors do not all fit the stereotype, and neither do their clients. Apologies if you have been over all this ground already. But if you haven’t, I would encourage you to give it a go.


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Thanks Alison, previously I have had counseling and found it very useful and I guess, with more of it and sticking to my medication will get me through…really appreciate u guys taking the time to listen…

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Hello Redman, I too have always suffered anxiety and panic. I have been through some awful times in my life with anxiety. I was fine for quite a few years up until recently due to a horrible relapse. Ive now been given medication which I’m sad about as I haven’t needed any for years but hey ho I guess that’s life! I’ve booked a a long term illness course which is group therapy on how to deal with illness and relaxation techniques. I’ve also booked high intensity CBT as I found it very useful in the past. Hopefully we all get some peace of mind soon x

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Cheers Honey - awful stuff to go through - nausea, lack of sleep, feeling awful and then MS threw in…plus the dark days of winter…here’s to brighter days…

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My Mum and Dad argued alot as well and I hated it as a child - probably made me feel very anxious, as I used to run down to my grandads’ house to avoid it…

Hi, my mum and dad argued and occassionally my mum would hit my dad, all their married life. Dad was step dad to us 3 sisters, but he loved us like his own and we did him too. His problems were through drinking.

We lost them both 14 years ago. We miss them terribly.

I am a worrier…about my kids, about my grandkids, about what would happen if my hubby dies before me…stuff most folk think and worry about I guess.

But back to you…those tattoos…you can get them removed…probably costly though. Have you checked that out?

About your mum…what about asking social services if they give any help?

About your MS…thats the difficult one as you can never run away from it. Im going through a time ime, being fed up of being disabled and so dependent on others.

Maybe you would feel better if you go back on your anti-depressants, eh?

Wishing you well hun,

luv Pollxx


Thanks Poll - yea - I’m back on the cipralex, so they will take the edge off for me (hopefully) - my tattoo’s are fine, its just my state of mind and over analysing everything and thinking people really care, when they don’t really. Mum is great but she does look at everything as, what people will say? because she is a bit like that and to be honest I’m not really interested in other folks business…I am a serial worrier and will have to get off the gravy train and starting to live my life for me…as i say some of the nicest people i know have tattoo’s

Yeah, there you go,tattoos dont make you bad or owt as daft.

If I were you I would gently work on your mum to get help…afterall she wouldnt want to think you re doing things for her when you`re not really up to it, eh?

luv Pollx


Have you tried mindfulness meditation. Really good. I was referred by my GP when I was diagnosed. Helped me massively. It’s like CBT, helps you get rid of your automatic negative responses and really calms you.

Try Mark Williams on iTunes, the second track. Works really well for me.

St Johns Wort is really good too.

​Adrian. :slight_smile:

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thanks Adrian will look into it…


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Hey Stephen don’t be stressing your tattoos man. Unless they’re dodgy home made jobs - Indian ink and a needle, classy I’ve got a lot of ink, I love thinking & preparing the next parts to add to my sleeve… it helps make me happy… x

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Actually, it may be a good idea, MS wise being on an anti-depressant as they may dampen the immune system and improve symptoms. I have a friend who has had MS a lot longer than me and she has been on Prozac for sometime. Her symptoms have been really good. She came off it recently and her symptoms have come back. So, they may not just improve your mood. :slight_smile:

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Cheers mate - funny as my cipralex has kicked in i think alot better - still a bit to go but hey - its my arm and my life…plus my tattoos are ok not dodgy - thanks for the support…

GP has gave me Buspar for anxiety to supplement my cipralex and help with my worrying about silly stuff - anyone else tried it?