Anxiety - Nausea/dizzy and a dollop of MS

Hi, i wondered if anyone else with MS gets Anxiety / Panic attacks.

I only have Mild MS but my main symptom are Anxiety and frequent panic attacks. It keeps coming an going over the months , but this month it has really got me down and it keeps hitting me every day. Even the slightest things kick it off , almost random panic attacks - Its really hard to control them and i’m having to sometimes avoid things now. Its affecting my life.

Doctors have recently put me onto Beta blockers , but all they do is slow my heart rate down and don’t really get rid of the physical symptoms - Dizziness / Nausea - fight or flight feelings.

I don’t drink alcohol at all , and i try to keep a good diet.

I’d much appreciate it if someone could give me some advice / or just their experiences from a similar thing.

If i could just get rid of this anxiety/panic , i would be fine!


Male 28.

Hi I recently got diagnosed with ms and I have been having really bad anxiety/panic attacks I have been put on citalopram ( antidepressants) I still feel worried about getting certain ms symptoms but are making me feel a little better x

Hello, I used to suffer from anxiety before I was diagnosed with MS. What has helped me with my anxiety has been to cut out caffine completely and meditate twice a day. The meditation is supposed to reduce anxiety and give deep rest.

I suffer badly with anxiety and panic attacks. I’m on escitalopram which completely nips them in the bud. Maybe ask your GP for some anti depressants. X