anti fatigue/pain tricks - advice pls

Hi all,

just looking for some advice please.

As a dog groomer I’m on my feet all day (bar the 10mins when I grab a sandwich), I love my job and don’t want MS to get in the way of my day to day working. My legs have always caused me problems in that I can’t always make them work how I’d like. A wonderful feature I’m sure a lot of you know about. I have a lot of pain around my knees but I can’t do painkillers as i seem to be sensitive to them and either get high as a kite or fall asleep even on over the counter strength, not ideal when dealing with bouncy happy fur babies. I already have a fuzzy brain so don’t want to make it worse lol I have acupuncture to help with the pain.

Anyways my question is has anyone any ideas on or experience on anti fatigue equipment? Do anti fatigue mats really work? Any recommendations of footwear to help support standing all day?

I really do enjoy my job and receive a lot of support from my colleagues but I want to maintain my independence for as long as possible as it is a physically demanding job but one i really love. I’m on tecfidera (1 of the lucky ones to experience few side effects) and I take vit D & B which I find helps with endurance but the leg issue is sapping my strength. I already only do a 4 day week and I don’t want to cut down anymore.

So any ideas or recommendations?

sorry but i don’t have any answers.

hang on because someone will be along soon with the magic spell we all need

carole x

Hi Liv75

Fatigue/pain is an horrible combination and I share it, so I can empathise. I think many of the guys on here will too.

Is there any chance you can rest more in between dog grooming? If not I can only see this problem increasing.

Do you take the opportunity to sit when you can?

Regarding shoes Liv. In my nursing career, I found wearing shoes with good support round the ankle/heel and not too flat, to be most comfortable for my legs.

Good luck x

fingers crossed!

I think I’m my own worse enemy at times. I’m a tad stubborn (might the ginger in me lol) and refuse to give in and don’t want to be treated differently. My boss is unbelievably understanding, her husband suffers from chronic pain and is bed ridden most of the time so she gets it. When she spots the signs in me she tries to make me rest but I feel like I am letting her down if I do this so I refuse and stick on the happy face. I know dumb eh? The issue is that I get paid anyway but she has to work harder and my pride simply won’t allow that to happen.

Ah I’m rambling I know but sometimes I think I need to get it out. Thank you so much for your advice x

You’re welcome Liv

I have to say, I have never heard of the anti fatigue mats. I shall have to go on Mrs google and look.

I’m a redhead, I know all about stubborn pride. Thing is, if you keep pushing on and ignore the fatigue-well you know the answer.

Take care xx

Modafinil is the medicine of choice to treat sleepiness. It works really well for some people - I think it’s worth a try. Make sure you say you need to sleep a lot because the doctors are not meant to prescribe it for fatigue, only for sleepiness.

I don’t think they’re prescribing it any more to new patients, as there’s been a clampdown. People who were already on it have been allowed to continue, but as I understand it, no new starts.

The only one still sanctioned is Amantadine, but I was told this is contraindicated for me, because I’m an anxiety sufferer, so apparently there is nothing. :frowning:


Bummer! I’m on anxiety meds too so in the same boat. We are just looking for that magic thing that’ll make all the difference.

I use to work at a dog groomers so know how hard it can be, and I know I couldn’t do it now. No way I could pick up a 100+ dog anymore lol sadly because I really liked the job

The only thing I can suggest is try working sitting down if possible, depending on what your job is, bathing dogs in a chair would be a pain but I know using the clippers is not a problem when sitting down

i’ve heard of the mats, they seem to work for some people, not so much for others so who really knows

you sound like you have a really understanding boss, so ask to have a talk over lunch to talk about it and explain how you feel and dont want to let her down

Well, I dunno if all neuros take the same view as mine.

But I could sort of see his point. Anything for fatigue will be a stimulant of some sort, so it does seem a bit crazy for anyone with anxiety to take something that might put them more on edge.

I dunno how I manage to be sleepy and anxious at the same time, but somehow I do. I think anxiety is very tiring in itself.



hi Liv,

fatigue is a bit of a bear for us MSers, unfortunately pain isn’t just nasty, it’s also tiring. could you do at least some of your job seated? I wondered if you could use a desk chair with wheels, so you could zip around any dogs?! they’re also height adjustable. I agree about avoiding overly flat footwear, perhaps a lowish wedge, for support (I’m beginning to think that my Mother bred and raised my sisters and me to be fans of Clarks shoes, now I’ve done the same with my daughter , can’t beat em for comfort, either ).

you should be really proud of your commitment to your job, I’m very jealous of it . At a future time, it might be worth your while trying to give pain meds another go, to see if the unwanted side effects wear off.

good luck, and give a dog a hug from me!

wendy x


it it sounds like you’re battling and keeping control - which is great. A word of warning - I first had an incident after really pushing myself. I’d run 8 miles- those were the days. I believe that physical over exertion brought it on and have suffered extreme fatigue if I over exert nowadays - no more running but I’m fortunate and can walk a reasonable amount.

so best of luck but be careful

Clarks do some great shoes called Wave - in different designs. They are based on the MBT’s but not so extreme. Masai Barefoot Technology. But what helped me was getting orthotics for my shoes. l went privately to a local physio centre where they moulded the orthotic to fit my foot. lt hold my foot in the right position - helps knees/hips/spine etc. NHS would have been a wait of 4months. lt cost me £60 in total. But it really helps with standing/balance.

Also, l do take LDN - which is brilliant for me. Boosts your endorphins. Less fatigue and no brain fog - also helps with bladder control.

That’s so weird! After posting this I decided to get orthotics & they really do help. Sorry for being dumb but what is LDN?

Just a wee update. I got the mat & if anything it kinda just got in my way rather than be useful. I now have it in the bottom of the big cage to help the oldies with their sore joints while they’re waiting & they love it! At least it wasn’t a total waste. X

Take a look at the ldn information on this site and see if you think it might help.