And the point is?....

Is there any point? 51, dx PPMS 3 yrs ago. Lost my 3 businesses cos couldn’t work any more. Lost 7 bedroomed house cos couldnt pay mortgage. Worked since I was 11. MS has stolen everything from me. Collapsed in heap at Xmas market today and wet myself. How delightful is this disease? If only someone could tell me why Ive got this shit. Im a good person, honest.

I know how you feel. I used to work loads and now I work 25 hours. My 17 years of marriage is going down hill as he’s at 2 affairs with X girlfriends. He says he cares but I don’t think he does.

Hello anon

Sorry about what happened to you today, must have been very distressing for you.

But there is always a point to living if thats the question your asking?

MS hasn’t stolen anything from me. I’m just living a different way of life…its a new journey for me with new challenges.

I’ve always liked challenges…takes a lot to knock me down.

I’m sure you are a good person…so am I. Its not a punishment. Horrible things happen to people, MS has happened to you and me and lots of other people. You have to find your own way of dealing with it.

I hope you have plenty of support from family and friends anon.

Take care of yourself and come on here to vent whenever you feel like it.


PS: I had to give up my career in nursing for another condition but I don’t blame that on the condition…its just the way life happens sometimes.

Hi Anon, We can all relate to what you have written. I see MS as being like a jigasw puzzle in reverse, everytime I look another peace has gone!. I read somewhere that Buddhists reckon “all suffering of mankind is provided by attachment to a previous condition of existence”, if you want to re-focus, the book “The power of Now”, written by Eckhart Tolle helped me. All the best, Peter.

Im gonna read that Peter, thank you so much. its so hard isnt it? You work all your life for what you want then just as you get there MS arrives thank you

Hi all,

I thought my life/career was over when having only qualified in teaching &building up my reputation was schools doing temp work, my husband had a nervous breakdown. He had worked full time while I studied and suddenly I had to get a regular job. Hubby has never been well enough to go back to work &now 4 yes later I have been diagnosed with rrms.

I suppose my point is having to change lifestyle to look after my husband has put me in a better place for looking after myself now. I work flexible hrs to suit appointments and don’t have the stress of teaching.

I just miss the kids sometimes.



That is so much that has gone wrong for you. ls there any chance that you have critical health insurance - possibly on your mortgage or house insurance. Just a thought - as this could be your salvation financially.

Now the wetting - as someone with 31 experience of SPMS - and l have suffered double incontinence all that time. l had a supra-pubic catheter fitted 18yrs ago - which has saved my sanity. There is a new med now called Betmiga that will help you with your bladder. Also, LDN - this will help regain your bladder control - but will also help you feel more positive and energised.

lt doesn’t matter what happens to us - we try to still go on - but when you have started loosing control of ‘bodily functions’ -well then it will make you depressed / demoralised. But something can be done - so refer yourself to an incontinance nurse or your GP.

We all have our own ‘battles’ with this - so you are not on your own - and can certainly speak up on here about any part of it.

Help is at hand - meds for bladder - and LDN for bladder and general well-being.


Hi love. Im afraid no-one can tell you or any of us, why weve been saddled with a chronic, incurable, rotten desease.

It is a chuffin` swine…but

20 years ago, at the age of 40, my life was fab…I`d lost 7 stone in weight, had a boob lift, passed my driving test and had my own brand new car, got promoted at woerk, and ran slimming clubs as well.

Then less than 10 years later, I was unable to work, couldn`t drive, had regained the weight, was a wheelchair user, and felt a burden and wondered what the chuff would happen next.

But a further 10 years on, I am a disabled person with a different outlook on life, life is precious, I`ve met others through going to a hospice for respite, who are no longer with us.

I think the secret is, to value what we still have, pace our energy levels and find other things to occupy us.

Yes, your life is massively changed, but you still have your life. Maybe at the moment, with this wetting accident and fall, you are unable to see clearly and need a bit of help to lift you back up. Have you got a supportive partner or friends and family to help?Just think how much energy, upkeep and brain work that big house and businesses took.

Maybe now you can take stock and see life in a calmer, more poeaceful way.

It takes time to accept big changes, but life will stilll be good, if you let it.

Much luv and support, Pollyx

Just being on here and hearing all the amazing support from people perks me up. Hope it has for you too Anon?

Hugs. xx

Hi and thank you all for your kind and intelligent replies that all make so much sense. I think generally positive, and wife, kids, close friends etc are fantastic. Parents and siblings are a different matter but we won’t go there!

I think my post was reflecting my thoughts on “what next.” Just when you think things can’t get any worse they do. I know Im luckier than most. x

Glad to hear the response has cheered you…hang in there lad and somehow youll muddle through! Thats how the majority of us get by. it`s a chuff, I know, but it is what it is!


you are a star poll, and so right too.

Good luck Anon x