and so it begins

So, back in January (jan 2nd) I was diagnosed with “Probably MS but as we only have 1 MRI scan we’ll classify it as CIS and rescan you soon. You only have 3 small leisons so we’ll watch and wait” 9 months on from that, I have been rescanned and essentially, the neurologist has hit the panic button. My brain has gone full nuclear with lots of new lesions with a current relapse going on which has resulted in me losing my taste & smell on one side as well as the insane levels of brain fog and fatigue, so, in his words “we need to treat this aggressively, now, we’ll start with tysabri” a needle later and I’m now waiting on JC virus and chicken pox results.

I’m 5 months away from qualifying as a midwife and trying to write my dissertation. Its not going to plan! I feel like I can barely string a coherent sentence together let alone write a legible dissertation. I’m not upset, im pissed off. Pissed off that I can’t write or function like a normal midwife and I’m annoyed that I’ve came so damn far through my degree and might fall at the final hurdle.

N x

Hi Nic - that’s really hard news for you. The timing is heartbreaking/maddening/beyond belief. All I can say is that while relapses can be dreadful, they do end. You don’t get the time back but you can keep going forward. You sound so determined - hold on to that. Good luck xx

Hang on in there. There should be student support staff at your place of learning. They will advise and support - apply for extensions with written work - make it clear to everyone that you’re not giving up - take things one step at a time.

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Hi Nic

I am sorry this has happened to you in the way it has. As Krakowian says, there should be some kind of support service and ways of getting extensions on written work, even (though this might fill you with horror) a slight delay on graduation. I can’t see that trying to write a dissertation whilst crawling through the morass of emotion and fatigue, worry and fear, in addition to starting a new drug therapy once your blood results come in, is a good idea.

The last thing you want to do is end up screwing up your dissertation and getting a worse degree result than you deserve after working hard for several years.


Oh knickers!!!

I can imagine how hard you`ve worked towards your qualification.

Lets hope this is just` a relapse which passes quickly.

sending you my support and encouragement.


Thanks guys. Uni have been nothing short of supportive since I began my ms journey so the deadlines and extra support is there and in place so things are ok in that respect. The relapse seems to be passing over now so I’m feeling more human. It’s just came at the worst possible time!

hi nic you have had an awful time whilst completing your degree. however it will stand you in good stead once you commence your career as a midwife. Hah! Stress! i laugh in the face of stress! you have shown your strength so just go from strength to strength! carole x

make use of all the support the uni are giving you + a bit of ducking and diving + working the system and you’ll be o.k.

Hi Nic, Like most people with MS you will find the strength to finish your degree and you have the support of others. Well done and good luck to you. Janet x