Hello, I’m new on here

Hi everyone, my name’s Keely, I’m 18, and I got my official diagnosis yesterday. February/March was when I had my MRI and the neurologist said it was most likely relapsing-remitting MS but yesterday it was made official. I’m already on treatment so hopefully that should have an effect.

Currently I’m going through my A-levels and have the process of going to uni and leaving home to get through. I was wondering if anyone had any tips or things they’d recommend to consider in terms of accommodation and needs that I may have whilst I’m at uni. Any advice or help would be more than useful, not just on the topic of uni but also on how to cope mentally with the acceptance of the diagnosis because it’s all quite difficult to get my head around.

Thank you to anyone who even takes the time to read this and I hope you’re all having a lovely day.

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Hi @keelybell12
Welcome. I got dx while at uni b4, studying and sitting exams while having relapses was tricky, but you do get through it; it’s a good idea to submit a representation letter to your college/uni, so that they are aware of your disability and how it affects you.

You’re on MS treatment now, so it should lessen the severity of relapses.
Stay positive, you’re young and you have your whole future ahead.
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Hi Keelyb. In general I would say that MS doesn’t mean the end of life as you know it but it does mean taking care of yourself. I’m a general follower of the ideas presented in e.g Overcoming MS (book and website) on diet ( including Vitamin D) exercise, mindfulness/meditation plus of course whatever Disease Modifying treatment you are on. Don’t overdo things , over stress yourself and generally ‘be kind to yourself’.

As @muchthesamemuchness says, do contact the Uni about your MS. Long time since I was a student but I’m sure they will do their best to be helpful, make alterations etc .

How to cope mentally with the diagnosis? Hmm that’s a hard one. Think I felt in a ‘bit of a spin’ for a few weeks but slowly it became my ‘new norm’. Do find out as much as you can about MS and what you can do to make life as good as possible. Mindfulness/ meditation could be useful and trying to live as healthily as you can