anal problem.... sorry

Hi All,

My bowels are pretty good… no constipation or the runs. But when I go I mustn’t completely evacute as for a few hours after when I go to loo and wipe myself there is some stainage. I have tried wahing myself afterwards with shower and baby wipes. But however how much I wipe there will be some there when I next pee. I feel that I need a bung or something to stop it happening. When I mentioned that to Doctor he said that all women get that after menopause but noone talks about it. He does not think it is MS related at all.


Hi Anon, Just a quick one as I’m shattered and off to bed. There is a device called an anal plug. Not sure if its what would help you. You could always ask your MS nurse or continence nurse. Good luck Min xx

Hi I don’t know about anyone else, but I think your dr is talking absolute rubbish. I’m well past menopause and it has never happened to me. It may not be ms related, but it doesn’t sound right. I’m sure other people will soon let you know what they think. There is nothing that can’t be talked about here. Perhaps a second opinion is needed - or a different dr ! Look after yourself.

Hi, I know what you mean. There are times when no matter how much I wash and wipe, there is still a residue. This often happens at bedtime and as I am hoisted, it makes the matter worse and I have to use a pad to stop from soiling my bedsheet.

I think it is due to the sphincters becoming slack. We have an inner and an outer and they are supposed to work in unison and keep everything in.

Maybe you could speak to a continence nurse about it. Yes, your GP is out of order here.

luv Polx

Hi, the Anal plugs by Coloplast were what I asked my continence nurse for but then she advised Peristeen instead. I wanted to try the plugs and still wish I had been allowed to give it a go befor moving straight onto Peristeen but now using the Peristeen system and not getting any accidents so that,s the main thing.

Maybe you could phone your local continence nurse, they do home visits and although they now have to get GP permission for Peristeen I think they can still offer a trial of the plugs.

If you get no joy with local continence nurse phone Coloplast and ask for one of their nurses to call you.

I cannot praise Coloplast enough for the care and understanding they show.


I used to get this a bit way before I was diagnosed. I changed to a gluten and wheat free diet 12 months ago and this is no longer a problem for me. I used to get servere tiredness after eating white wheat bread at lunch. Now its out my life no servere tiredness. I’ve not been tested for gluten intollerence but am happy with gluten free bread anyway, so its no problem.

this may not be MS related at all! Have you had children? You may have what is known as a rectocele, where the wall between the vagina and rectum was damaged during delivery, and no amount of wiping is going to stop this leakage. You need to do significant amounts of pelvic floor execises, however, even this may not work and you may need it repairing with surgery, if this is what it is. If anything, wiping can irritate it and cause more leakage. I had mine repaired twice after having a very big baby, but still have problems now, although it is better than it was. Being overweight doesnt help, but I carry wet wipes. You can also take soluable fibre sachets, that make you more regular, so avoiding so much leakage. Se a female GP, she may be more sympathetic.