My MS Nurse wants to take me off Baclofen and move to Amitriptyline

Can I ask anyone else on it, and how it afefcts you, if at all


Hi Cardo

I take baclofen for spasms and amitriptyline for nerve pain, burning, vibrating, jerking etc, but as I don’t tolerate medication very well, I started on a low dose and only built up gradually, otherwise it made me feel like a zombie.

I find it better taking it at 7pm instead of bedtime, so it wears off for the morning, and I am fine with it like that. It does give me a dry mouth, always drinking loads of water, but other than that seems to help.

I think it is really trial and error to find the correct dose, but worth it in the end.

Hope this helps, best wishes

Pam x

Hi Cardo

I take it at night for nerve pain too and it does help. It helps me sleep, but I need to take it at about 7 pm or I feel a bit hung over in the morning. It causes a dry mouth and drowsiness especially with every change of dosage but you do get used to it. I’d just be careful not to drive when you first start on it. It’s also got anti depressant qualities which could be helping me cope too.

It’s a good drug if you can take it. Good luck

Cath xx

Thanks for that