ambidextrous anyone?

Hi all. I am an avid sewer and crafter. I lost all mobility in my legs around 20 years ago.

Last year my hands began to tire and my grip is weak.

Lately the problem has worsened…this morning I only managed 1.5 hrs sewing.

It`s the pinning and cutting that are so difficult.

My left hand is much worse but as I type, it is hard to keep all my fingers from hitting the keys accidentally.

So I have decided to learn to use my right hand more.

I am practising writing with my right hand.

Has anyone done this successfully?


Hi Poll

It’s awful when you can no longer manage something that you enjoy.

Now is the time for Queen Boudicca to shake her red hair and roar.

You can try using both hands, you can train your non dominant hand with a bit/lot of patience.

I broke my right arm when I was 7 yrs old. My teachers were horrid and went on and on about my handwriting being a disgrace.

FFS i had a bloody plaster cast on it! I didn’t practice writing with my left hand because I was too peeved at them for being mean to me!!

However I have every faith that you can do it.

Carole x

weren’t children who were lefthanders forced to become righthanders in the olden days? Sure you can mange it Poll.

my teachers tried to make me use my “correct” right hand but my mum told them to stop, so I was a left handed bowler / thrower and right handed batsman or squash player. (I was rubbish at sport, but comfortable) so when my MS decided to take a pop at my left hand side it was less than ideal. However I can now address an envelope using my right hand, (it might look as if a 6 year old did it but) I am impressed by my crappy body’s ability to sort of adapt.


My mother was left handed. At school, she was belted if she wrote with her left hand. She soon learn to write with her right hand.

The word sinister is apparently derived from the Latin word sinistra, which originally meant left handed, but also came to mean evil.

corny joke for the day, I’d give my right arm to be ambidextrous. I’ll get my coat…

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Im praticing…watch this space


Hi Poll, I too am having problems with my hands, more so my right 1, which is the 1 I use for everything, can’t cross stitch anymore :frowning: can’t hold a book, I have a kindle which I rest on a cushion to read, adapted cutlery, I’m typing this and it’s uncomfortable, I do voice activated texting, I do try and do things with my left hand, but struggle, so good luck to you.

Jean x

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Hi Jean, isnt it a pain!

I`m using the mouse with my right hand…feels odd, but my brain will get used to it.


Hi Poll, Good luck,

Jean x

I can easily fall right or left if that counts?

I am ambidextrous. My Grandad and Dad were left handed when they were children but were both made to write with their right had and my Dad told me if he was caught using his left hand his teacher would wrap him on the knuckles with a cane. Apparently the left hand was the hand of the devil. Using the opposite hand will probably feel strange at first but I am sure you will soon get used to it.

I bought an unusual stress ball yesterday…it`s soft rubber in the shape of a head, with eyes, nose and mouth. When you squeeze it a large zit comes out of either his forehead or cheeks. Quite ugly and sick but still funny!


That’s more ambiguous than ambidextrous…