i just took my glasses off which i’ve been wearing for approx 2 years and i can see!! my problem was my eye’s vibrating. i’ve only just been diagnosed so got my first drugs on the 26th nov. i got beta-blockers for my hand tremmor and that got better in a matter of hours but my eye’s have only now got better days later, i’m hoping this is a sign of remition as my type of ms is unclear, any ideas???

Have you ever been test for Myasthenia gravis?

Great news anyhow.

That must have felt amazing

It can be tricky to tell if something is remission or meds are working really well, but it does seem a pretty big coincidence that you’ve just started new meds and your eyes have got better (albeit later than the tremor) so my money would be on the meds (sorry?).

The cerebellum is the bit of the brain that is crucial for “smooth” movement and it often responds to beta blockers so it might be that you have a lesion or two there which was causing both your tremor and your nystagmus. Even if it isn’t a remission, it’s great that the beta blockers have made such a difference :slight_smile:

Karen x

my vision has worstened a bit since last night but i’m coming down with a cold so am blaming that!!

and no EJC i’ve never been tested for Myasthenia gravis, never heard of it, what is it and where do i get tested?