This doesn't make any sense?? Help please!

Hi… I am undiagnosed currently but had bad myelitis for 8 years with a large patch of inflammation in my cervical spine. In May this year I had an a problem with blurring eyes which was a new thing for me. I was immediately referred to the emergency eye clinic where they diagnosed ON. The same thing has happened again and I went back to the eye clinic yesterday and they confirmed that even though they cant see any swelling of my optic nerve that it is another ON attack. I had extensive mri scans a few weeks ago which showed no inflammation in my optic nerve. I am getting the results of mri, evoked potentials, lumbar puncture and blood tests in the next 10 days.

This is doing my head in. Went to bed last night … vision massively improved. Got up to go to work… Cant focus again. Why!!!I it doesn’t make sense. This has been happening on and off for over a week now. You would expect the vision to be good in the morning after a good nights sleep… and then deteriorate as the day progresses when you get more tired. But it is the opposite for me! Really worried about losing my job nowand whether I need to tell them about my possible MS. Any help gratefully received.

Hi Bizzylee x I can’t really offer any advice but just to let you know I also get the really blurred vision in the morning but with me it improves after a few hours - then it goes bad towards the evening again!

I also get really excessive tears from one eye in the morning - as though it’s all built up during the night and then when I sit up it just empties - pours out like someone is emptying a pint of water down the left side of my head! lol

They suspect I have had undiagnosed ON in the past - that was totally missed - but I also have been diagnosed with Glaucoma both eyes. Not much help I know xxxjenxxx

I’ve never had ON but some of my MS symptoms are worse in the morning and improve through the day, I’m afraid. In particular, my walking and urge incontinence both often follow this pattern.

Hey Bizzylee I know how distressing ON can be as I get it quite a lot. Sometimes it is because of fatigue, sometimes it happens just because it can! Go easy on yourself, try not to worry about it too much as worrying takes a lot of energy and that’s the last thing you need to run out of!!! Your employer doesnt need to know anything if you don’t want to tell them you have possible MS. You could tell them that you are currently under investigation for your symptoms if you wanted to, but without a dx that’s all you have to give them!!! Good luck for the MRI results, it’s the not knowing that makes it difficult. Take care, Asher x x

Hello and thanks for your replies. I think I am just having to roll with it for now. My eyes have improved so with any luck I will be back at work tomorrow. I am going to keep quiet on my investigations until I get an answer on friday… and even then I dont know if I will tell them! x