Hi, I eventually got this prescribed for fatigue. I’ve take it for last 2 days and have been transformed into a zombie. It doesn’t take a lot. The pregabalin has me almost there. Yesterday I struggled through work in the morning and got home just after 2. Then I slept til 10 when I woke and and dragged myself to bed. Woken up with a massive hangover (no alcohol taken) and an eye that won’t stop twitching. Can’t bring myself to take another tablet (amantadine). Should I really try ? I know it took months to get used to pegabalin but this seems to be defeating the object. Also wondered if the pregabalin was contributing to my fatigue. It has never made me symptom free and I get confused easily. Is there a better way to get pain relief (neuropathic pain)? Any advice please Thanks Lynn

Eeek, I take Amantadine and not every day only when I need it, I was told it pretty much works straight away and if I have severe fatigue and I take one within an hour the edge is taken off.

I’ve had Gabapentin and had horrible time on that with fatigue, vertigo and just feeling weird so I only take that when any arm pain flares up.

It’s never made me more tired or have any headaches. If it is Amantadine causing you grief maybe you could try Modafinil instead.

I was told one a day then increase to 2 a day from the 2nd week. I am really considering cutting back on the pregabalin or trying to come off it just to see how I feel. I get pain in hands and arms, cramps in my calf muscles and pain and tingling in my feet. That’s with the pregabalin. I’ve felt utterly exhausted for so long. I think I need a miracle.

Hi Lynn,

I started taking Amantadine 10 months ago I had no real advantage until I was taking 2 tablets 200mgs a day. I take gabapentine 600mgs three times a day. The Amantadine gave me back my life I was always sleeping before that and was too scared to drive. Now I have a new automatic car and don’t have to rely on my family driving me around. I don’t always need to sleep during the day some days I have a wee cat nap in the afternoon. I also found it suppressed my appetite and this has cancelled out the increase in appetite from the gabapentine. I have lost 2 stone since taking it so a win win situation for me.

I remember not feeling too good the first few days but I waited until I got on the full dose to see how it affected me and so glad I waited. Hope that it works for you I wouldn’t be without it for the relief from doormouse existence I used to live.

Good luck,

Jude. X

Thanks for that reply. You’ve given me hope, so I’ll persevere with it. Need to try and claw back my life and the weight loss would be brilliant if it works the same for me. Put on 2 stone but was very active before ms and I’m not now, so can’t blame the pregabalin totally but it has definitely increased my appetite. Would be good not to feel so exhausted.