Amantadine and Pregablin

Not doing great recently. Started baclofen a few months ago which has reduced the cramps, stiffness and spasms but walking is terrible and I’m getting a lot of pain in my right knee.

Had an X-ray and then saw the neuro who prescribed amantadine and pregablin.

does anyone use either of these? If yes, how are you getting on with them?

many thanks.


Apologies, posted the above before reading the other messages and saw Wanderer’s post about pregablin.

Hi there iv been on them meds for many years they do help but not that you notice untill
you stop .do you have someone that helps you

Hi I take pregabilen it helps the nerve pain a bit but I can’t take a high enough dose it alters my mood makes me a little bit grumpy they want me to take 600mg daily I can tolerate 4oomg of and there is dodgy dreams as well

Take care george

George, I’m sure that my wife would say that I’m grumpy enough already without the meds making it worse!

Porge, what do you mean by “do you have someone that helps you”


Hi Derek,

That’s a very important question and I’m glad you asked it. Everybody tolerates (or not, as the case may be) these medications differently. It’s not like paracetamol.

I was given Amantadine for fatigue but I haven’t used any for months. I don’t know why. It might be my exercise regime (Tai Chi) or Vitamin B Strong Compound which, I’ve read, helps the body to extract energy from the storage cells more efficiently.

Baclofen immediately gave me nightmares, sleepless nights, muscle spasms and got me** very, very **angry. I was like Dr Jekyll one minute and then, without any reason, I’d turn into Mr Hyde. It scared my wife and it scared me. Last month I replaced it with Dantolene for the leg spasms. This was tricky as neither the MS Nurse nor my GP had any idea what the dose I should be taking. Very cautiously, I started on the minimum of 25 mg. After a week I could take 100 mg which is perfect

I used to take Pregabalin but it became less effective after a few years. It’s been replaced by Amiltriptyline which does the job. I now take one tablet of Amiltriptyline 25 mg and one of Dantolene 100 mg three times a day. I often need Co-codomol 30/500 as a back-up for the spasms in my upper arms,which the Dantolene doesn’t stop.

I’m afraid there’s no right answer. You have to discover what works for you by trial and error.

Regards, Anthony