Am I really having symptoms ?

I have been having tests for ms for the last couple of months after being admitted to hospital with numb legs that I thought I had because of the sciatica i have had since February but after having a scan and a lesion being found in my spine ms has been suggested. I had a telephone consultation with a neurologist last Monday who said she does think it is ms but she just needs to do a couple more tests to rule out other things. Since having this call i feel like I’m going mad, I feel like every little ache and pain is down to ms even though before this was suggested i didn’t have any symptoms. I have been suffering with heart burn, fatigue, I’m really restless and have been in a really horrible mood. Am I imagining all of this because it has been mentioned ? How can I go back to the person I was before this phone call ? Has anybody else gone through the same thing ?

Hi Julie, it is nigh on impossible to un-hear the words MS. I know how you feel…as will a lot of folk on this site.

I spent years waiting for test results…it does make you think every little twinge could be MS. Your mind plays tricks on you and works overtime.

Take some deep breaths…try to focus on something else (ok I know that`s a hard thing to do). Read a book, get lost in a box series on tv, any other stuff to busy your mind will help.

Neuros dont find it always easy to diagnose without doing lots of tests.

If it does turn out to be MS…it doesnt mean the end of the world…it means you now know why your body is acting up.

Some people go onto DMDs…drugs to slow progression. Your neuro will discuss this with you, if he thinks you fit the criteria for any.

Best advice I can offer is to pace yourself, accept help whenever it is offered, dont be scared to ask for help when you`re struggling.