am I deluding myself?

Hi everyone,

I started new job at end of Jan & still don’t know if I have taken on 2 much . It’s not the hrs(22) it’s the physical stuff which wears me out. I have at least 20 mind of heavy work at start & end of my day everyday. My new colleagues know bout my ms but don’t really understand. I hate complaining so apart for asking for help getting store shutter up, I just get on wwith it. I worry that I have taken on too much cos stress at home means I don’t get a break. I ddon’t want work thinking I’m not suitable for the job & wanting rid of me but I can’t pretend I’m strong when I am not. I even get muddled with paperwork cos I’m so tired.

Do i keep going in the home that when the new girl starts she will take some pressure off me at the end of my shift or just look for another Job?


Hi Theresa

Something that might help is Access to Work. It’s a service provided by the DWP that helps people with disabilities to work, and can fund things like speciaiist equipment or pay for travel to &from work. Google it and you’ll find out more about it.

Hope you get the help you need.


Thanks Dan,

I wasn’t sure if access to work is the same in NI. I will look into it