Am I being mad?

Hello there,

i hope you don’t mind me writing to you all with some advice, but I’m concerned.

I am a 26year old female, and I have been suffering with different ailments for about 6 months. I never even thought about MS until someone mentioned a family member who was diagnosed and her Symptoms seemed very much like mine…

i first noticed something wasn’t right in around October time, when I kept getting pins and needles in my hands and feet. Dropped my phone on my face a few times where I would loose grip. I then realised I was getting dull aches all over my body at different times. Legs, arms, ears, in my back especially, kidneys,

i also realised i was getting dizzy spells every so often… Almost feeling drunk in the middle of the day. Vertigo was also becoming a problem. This was starting to get me down and I could feel myself becoming anxious more often.

I also realised that in the past occasionally my right eye takes a while to focus on the morning… But this hasn’t happened very often. And I occasionally find it hard to hold in any gas… Very embarrassing!!

Again in another thing that has become a problem is working in an office, my concentration to look at the words on the screen is a struggle, and I find it hard to say aloud the words I am reading. I get the ‘tip of my tongue’ feeling often when I know what I want to say but am unable to get it out.

Perhaps i I am just over tired… But my doctor doesn’t seem to think this is anything to worry about. I can’t help but think something underlying is going on…

Any advice with diagnoses or early signs would help put my mind at rest

thank you

Have you had any blood tests for low B12 / Vit-D / Thyroid function etc?

If you haven’t then get back to the GP’s and insist on having the tests done - B12 and Vit-D both throw up similar symptoms to those above.

As for advice on early signs - check out the Early Signs part of the MS Society Web-site, that said MS varies from person to person.

Hi, I realise how scary all these symptoms are for you.

If you arent happy with what your GP says, go back and ask to be referred to a neuro.