Can you guys please tell me your opinion on the following please?:

  1. Is anybody on Pregabalin here please and do any of you have/use Cannabis (prescribed) instead or both together please?

I am asking as I am mulling it all over, as to which would be the better option. I use Pregabalin but find that I am very tired (on top of the usual MS Fatigue :frowning: So I am wondering , if this might be the better option for painkillers? Does cannabis, make you feel tired the next day, like Pregabalin does please?

  1. If I were to go an ask my doctor for the script for the cannabis, then would I be deemed a 'Junkie/Druggie?

Asking this as I really dont want this kind of tag…



Assuming you have been diagnosed with MS, there’s no reason at all why you would be classed as any kind of illegal drug taker, assuming you have symptoms that might be helped by its use, ie pain, given that it will be legal on 1st November for specialist doctors to prescribe it.

I’m completely unclear as to how individuals are to access said cannabis or indeed the ‘specialists’. And unclear as to the form it is likely to take. Hopefully it’ll be more useful than Sativex.

So I’d start with your GP, or neurologist. See what they have to say.


If what I read in the papers is true, there is a brisk illegal trade in the drug you are on already. Your GP wouldn’t be giving you those if he/she thought you were peddling your Pregabalin on the street corner, so please don’t worry about that. I am sure that the GP would not think differently about any other prescribable drug that might help you with your MS symptoms.


Tried Gabapentin the Pregabalin then Sativex, none really worked for my MS symptoms !

MS clinic now thinking of putting me back on Baclofen alongside the Sativex.

The Sativex did make feel a bit “woosy”, but I was increasing the dose to find a level that helped with my MS symptoms, unfortunately the side affects of the Sativex out weighed the benefits, so I reduced the dose until I weaned off.

I’m a tad confused though as you are asking about prescribed Cannabis ? Do you mean Sativex ? I didnt think GP’s were allowed to prescribe actual Cannabis ?

Christ, its hard enough to get an appointment with my GP, let alone ask her for a spliff !

No, GPs won’t be allowed to prescribe it. But theoretically, from Thursday onwards, specialist doctors will be able to prescribe cannabis: Government announces that medicinal cannabis is legal - GOV.UK

I have no idea what form this will take, nor how on earth one is supposed to get an appointment with such a doctor. Equally I don’t know how you might prove that existing prescription drugs don’t work, and yet an unproven drug like cannabis will. Are you supposed to see such a specialist, explain that since your prescribed drugs weren’t working, you’ve been buying illegal cannabis from a dealer? And that this helped!!

Also, from where do such ‘specialists’ come? Given that thus far cannabis is and has been illegal, are they to materialise magically (on a magic carpet perhaps?) or have I been indulging in thus far illegal drugs that allow me such flights of fancy?

I doubt that your prescription will allow you to pop into your local chemist and walk out with a bag of ‘weed’, or a pack of ready rolled joints!!

Sue (not touched an illegal drug for at least 20 years or maybe more!)